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Deliverance Part – II

Well, I told you guys about Satan, now here’s the story of my other crappy neighbors, Smokey and the man Tweaky. At first Smokey was nice, giving us a baby gate to help with the puppy, etc, Tweaky just accused our dog of making messes. I tried to make peace with it, but then IT happened. Now, one of the reasons I went to live on my own was I couldn’t receive any form of mail at home, it was always open and anything of value taken, so being able to get anything is a privilege to me. So, I ordered a gift for a friend, and watched the tracker like a hawk, when it was delivered while I was at work, I rushed home, thinking I was safe because Satan was away. WRONG!!! I looked all over the building, no sign of it anywhere, so I made the driver come back and show me where he delivered it. Lo and behold, it was dropped off at The Smokie’s door. The driver and I called up to her, yelled to her and pounded on her door for 10 minutes with no answer. Getting aggravated, the driver said we’ll have to file a police report, suddenly the door flies open and there’s Smokey, who happily gets my package, then scurried away. My package had been shredded open and the receipt gone. She’s avoided me since,but when I see her, she’s getting an earful.


When my boyfriend and I moved into our apartment we had some great neighbors, nice, friendly and polite. Sadly our favorite neighbor moved, and we got Satan and her spawns. It started off with her mail coming to our house, we told our mailman which door was hers and told her the actual number of her apartment. She didn’t listen, soon huge packages were put in front of our door, blocking us in and almost injuring our dog. We’d try to give her the items, but she never answered, leaving us no choice but to leave it in her door. Another mistake to her, we were expected to bring it inside and put whatever it was together. She lets her 3 or 4 little brats run around the building, telling, screaming and slamming whatever they can get their grubby little hands on, the lot of them just love to make noise, blaring their crappy music, setting their dogs off, or yelling through the wall I’m a lazy B%&$@, who shouldn’t be sleeping at 2 in the afternoon. (I was sick and worked since 5 am). The icing on the cake was when I caught some of her kids rummaging through my mailbox, saying their mom said it was OK, since I’m too old for what I bought. She tried to retaliate by smoking up a storm, calling our landlord and blaming me, and making my poor boyfriend think we were getting evicted…I hope she gets it instead, and soon.

Auntie Blame

I have an aunt who yells all day at the entire family. she blames
everyone including me because we all have computers cell phones and the web and
she’s getting magazines and robo calls. She said that God told her it’s
100% my fault. I work 15hrs a day I barely have time to sleep.

The Shining

So, I had recently lost my dear cat, Lulu, and I’ve been desperately trying to
search for my baby. I grabbed my bike and headed out on my search, but to no
avail, I couldn’t find her. I was instructed by my mom that I should try another
night, since it was getting late.

I tried again the next night, with my
mother to help me on foot. We went around our neighborhood, and I was about to
check into a cul-de-sac, then heard an old man say, “You better not be doing
that, young lady!” I wasn’t sure if that was directed at me, so I just ignored
him and went down and went back up to the main street.

That same old man then
said, “You can’t be doing that! Shining your light into cars! That’s called
pre-thieving!” (I swear, there was cussing included into this as well.)

I was
appalled and infuriated to hear this. Thieving? Looking into cars? I wasn’t even
close to doing this! Sure, I was shining my light onto house fronts (my
neighbors like to leave out food for the neighborhood cats, so I was hoping to
find Lulu there), but I was no where close to looking into cars!!!

I couldn’t
let my anger get the best of me, so I told the old man, “Well, sir, I’m sorry,
but I’m just trying to look for my cat.” Then biked off to continue my search.
I was fully aware of the trouble I might be causing by shining my flashlight
onto other people’s houses. And, if that’s a felony, then I am more than willing
to atone for my crime, but that was the last thing on my mind, since I was so
desperate to find my cat.

I biked around my neighborhood once more and biked
past that old man’s house again. I heard him talking about me again (probably to
his wife) and he said, “That’s her. That’s the girl.”

I’m just so angry that
the old geezer was trying to accuse me for something I wasn’t even doing. EVEN

Not only was he butting into my
business, but he had also yelled at my mom for no apparent reason!

My mom had
walked past his house, and was using her iPod for music. Then he suddenly yelled
at her, and said, “You shouldn’t be looking down while walking!”

Like, what’s
your problem? Mind your own business, you old geezer.

Not A Loud

This rude neighbor violates every law, local noise by-law and municipal ordinance in the book. He plays loud base-heavy music late at night until 2:00am in total disregard of his neighbours. He is extremely rude, self-absorbed, self-centred and inconsiderate of other people. His destructive narcissism knows no bounds. He’s trying to hide from the public by having an unlisted phone number. He drives like a maniac and is breaking every law in the book.

A Problem for Ann Launders

My boyfriend and I moved into our first place about 7 months ago. It’s a cute little duplex in a great location.. However, there’s one bad thing. The neighbors! The first day we move in, we had to help one of them get her car out of mud because she was an idiot and pulled up past her driveway! (Who does that?) She didn’t even say thank you, and for some reason they started hating us the day we moved in. We share a laundry room, and when we started doing our laundry in there, they would put stuff in the dryer so we couldn’t dry our clothes. They leave their huge dog on the laundry room when people come over

Builder Blues

Holy new neighbors! When you move in to a quiet little neighborhood out of town. Think little lake town. No pop up suburban houses etc. Many small narrow roads. (No one parks on the road because it makes for a big headache in our part of the lake). Very narrow.

So these new neighbors come in. The guy owns a construction company. He has had (he put it up over a year ago when he SLOWLY started building his house) 5×5 foot sign displaying his company facing our house. Did I mention it’s been over a year?! He saws and power drills at midnight. And then back to the parking. At least 8 cars daily. Friends, family etc. only 2 cars in the driveway but 6-8 lined up over 2 blocks (yes it’s that narrow).

Go away new neighbors. Then walked in thinking they own the block and its too obnoxious. Ugh.

Doggy Detective

Our sorry neighbors let their dog poop in our yard all the time. Today she asked my husband if he threw their dog poop back into their yard where her children play. My husband replied of course not I haven’t been home until now. Her response was, “Well it’s a mystery at how it was placed in our yard.” I was furious but my husband wouldn’t let me respond. We usually shovel up the poop and throw it in the trash. Sorry neighbors!

Gee Wow Wah

So my boyfriend and I moved into our current house about a year ago. It is a two story house on a not-so-nice block with only battered ranch houses. We are very lucky, and I have been able to stay in this house and attend college for the last year. My neighbor moved in about 6 months ago into a pretty battered house, and has this horrible dog. He is a chihuahua, and she didn’t even want him but her sister passed and left him to her. I met her only because her dog escaped EVERY DAY for about a month. Two times caused my dogs to start fighting and sent them both to the vet when they started freaking out since the chihuahua can get under the fence into our yard. She comes over crying and will sit outside my window all hours of the day because she feels lonely since her husband is gone a lot. She’ll hear me inside and will yell that she can hear me, and that I need to take care of her. I am about two minutes from calling the cops.


These trashy people who bring at least one truckload of junk from other peoples trash everyday and just sit in their yard and its gross.

It now has resorted to her cussing my 12 an 9 year old kids out because they are noisy when they are outside at 2 in the afternoon and she wants to sleep!