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NOLA Offers!

A Problem for Ann Launders

My boyfriend and I moved into our first place about 7 months ago. It’s a cute little duplex in a great location.. However, there’s one bad thing. The neighbors! The first day we move in, we had to help one of them get her car out of mud because she was an idiot and pulled up past her driveway! (Who does that?) She didn’t even say thank you, and for some reason they started hating us the day we moved in. We share a laundry room, and when we started doing our laundry in there, they would put stuff in the dryer so we couldn’t dry our clothes. They leave their huge dog on the laundry room when people come over

Builder Blues

Holy new neighbors! When you move in to a quiet little neighborhood out of town. Think little lake town. No pop up suburban houses etc. Many small narrow roads. (No one parks on the road because it makes for a big headache in our part of the lake). Very narrow.

So these new neighbors come in. The guy owns a construction company. He has had (he put it up over a year ago when he SLOWLY started building his house) 5×5 foot sign displaying his company facing our house. Did I mention it’s been over a year?! He saws and power drills at midnight. And then back to the parking. At least 8 cars daily. Friends, family etc. only 2 cars in the driveway but 6-8 lined up over 2 blocks (yes it’s that narrow).

Go away new neighbors. Then walked in thinking they own the block and its too obnoxious. Ugh.

Doggy Detective

Our sorry neighbors let their dog poop in our yard all the time. Today she asked my husband if he threw their dog poop back into their yard where her children play. My husband replied of course not I haven’t been home until now. Her response was, “Well it’s a mystery at how it was placed in our yard.” I was furious but my husband wouldn’t let me respond. We usually shovel up the poop and throw it in the trash. Sorry neighbors!

Gee Wow Wah

So my boyfriend and I moved into our current house about a year ago. It is a two story house on a not-so-nice block with only battered ranch houses. We are very lucky, and I have been able to stay in this house and attend college for the last year. My neighbor moved in about 6 months ago into a pretty battered house, and has this horrible dog. He is a chihuahua, and she didn’t even want him but her sister passed and left him to her. I met her only because her dog escaped EVERY DAY for about a month. Two times caused my dogs to start fighting and sent them both to the vet when they started freaking out since the chihuahua can get under the fence into our yard. She comes over crying and will sit outside my window all hours of the day because she feels lonely since her husband is gone a lot. She’ll hear me inside and will yell that she can hear me, and that I need to take care of her. I am about two minutes from calling the cops.


These trashy people who bring at least one truckload of junk from other peoples trash everyday and just sit in their yard and its gross.

It now has resorted to her cussing my 12 an 9 year old kids out because they are noisy when they are outside at 2 in the afternoon and she wants to sleep!

2nd Hand Bowl

Ok I recently moved First of all the landlords own a business located right in front of the apt building and discriminate on all the tenants except two. They give these two tenants free wifi and none of the other tenants as well as wave their water bill causing the rest of us to pay a higher water bill cause we in turn actually are the ones paying for their water. Now as for these two tenants, on top of that their the worst two tenants of all the tenants in the building!

They favor these two tenants and i personally had multiple problems with these tenants. When I would try to complain they would tell me to “back off” or say things like “yea right” as if they didn’t wanna hear it or didn’t believe me because the other two tenants are “family friends” so “they can do no wrong!” It was awful living at this residence and the landlords made it worse. Second, every time there was an issue or something broke they would halfway fix it or fix it the cheapest way possible and in the most insufficient ways. For instance I needed a new toilet at one point and they went and found me a used one. Where do you find a used toilet anyways.

This is by far is by far the worst place I’ve ever resided in my life!! The tenants are the worst, by far rudest neighbors I’ve ever had!!!!

Walk This Way

I live by the two worst neighbors. First the neighbor next door has 6 amps in his small apt. and even connects his tv to them full blast…. and mind you he is 60 years old but thinks hes 20… and the horrible neighbor in the front is always saying very disrespectful words or very mean words and then shutting the gates like she runs stuff.. she can not stop me from walking through the gates.. it’s the walk way…

when my granddaughter comes and we play outside she is always trying to be loud and scare her one time she scared her so bad that she cried for hours I called the police and told them that she is saying and acting very mean and horrible and they said as long as she don’t touch me they really can’t do nothing. She also is older in her 50′s…

I have never saw such bullying and disrespectful people as the neighbors here I am not about to move because they want me to… No they’re just miserable and have no life… and as long as I ignore their meaness… they actually get mad ..

Im living here by myself and also am older and i’ve learned something living here there are some people that are just horrible… and it has opened my eyes to alot … my mom was right misery loves company… but I have beautiful children and a wonderful mom … and they can keep on doing what they do because im not going no where till I want to..

Partied out

I have a rude neighbor that lives behind me and every weekend, without fail, there will be a party. Sometimes I can sleep through it but other times they are so loud I cannot do anything but lay there with my eyes open. My husband tells me to go over there and ask them to be quiet but I don’t think I should have to get out of bed, find my coat and shoes, walk in the pouring down rain all the way over to their house. So I call the cops when it gets too bad. Once the neighnor was arrested for yelling and screaming at the cops. I don’t feel comfortable going over there and asking them to be quiet. Last weekend I had enough. I opened up the back door and yelled at them to shut the hell up. They turned the music down but that was it. They were still out there shouting and smoking, hooting and hollering. This literally goes on until 5 am. If I call the cops things tend to quiet down until the next party.

Normally I wouldn’t care but their party area in their backyard is right next to my bedroom and this is getting old. I don’t feel like I even want to talk to them. I think it should be common sense to be quiet. Last night they were out there and I was half asleep when I heard the husband tell the wife to quiet down. She screams that she doesn’t care, screw the neighbors and what they think. I just rolled over and fell back to sleep. I feel like this problem is quickly escalating and in part it is my fault for not going over there and peacefully asking for quiet. How do I resolve this without too much drama?

Boris Knott replies-Your husband is sending you over to complain? Maybe you could go over together. At any rate,sue them in small claims court for invasion of privacy-ask for the limit allowed for reparations.

Dog vs Mailbox

Well I have lived in my house for 15 years and it was all fine but then I had to go to a mental hospital for my depression and what made it worse is that everyone in the neighborhood found out and they thought I was mentally insane…so a couple weeks after that a woman bought this house that is above me, and she wasn’t really nice at first but I shook it off, but then one morning as she was walking her dog she led her dog to my mailbox and her huge ass dog knocked it over (it was already loose) so I run outside and ask her why did she lead her dog to my mailbox and she continues on to call me crazy and how i dont belong here but I didn’t care until she said “you just want me to knock you out” so I replied “come on over here and try me, you know I’m crazy” lol and ever since then she brings her husband walking with her because she’s afraid of me.

Boris Knott replies-It sounds like this dog may be being mistreated.
Keep an eye on this situation.

Trailer Bash

I live on a residenital street in a small town. The new neighbors who moved in next door live in a 1960s trailer that was grandfathered into the community. Its electrical, plumbing, insulation, flooring, and roof are all substandard. The town has tried condemning it but the people who live there barely make the repairs just in time to push out the condemnation.

Neither of them works, but both are able. They continually have a stream of non-working people staying with them. At one point, there were nine people staying on their small, 1/32 acre property in tents and the trailer, along with piles of junk they thought they could fix into vehicles. Among the people, they had four minor children. The children would run around naked, play with power equipment, pee outside, and pester us if we wanted to go in our own back yard. They’ve also had at one time five cats and three dogs living there. None are vaccinated (they lack tags) and they all have fleas. They poop all over the place and the owners won’t clean it up or make any effort to control their animals. The adults are always swearing, fighting, loud, and getting drunk. They actually beg door to door for food and money and have stolen from neighbors to (we suspect) pay for their drugs.

I am so sick of how charitable organizations and welfare enable people like this who are fully capable of working to live without working. They go to food pantries, get food stamps, beg, and receive SSI even though both are able-bodied and mentally competent enough to do all sorts of things. I’ve spoken with them personally enough to know they CAN work. They would just rather not. Their junk is piled up all over their property and the trailer looks and smells terrible. It’s rusted, falling apart, and plain ugly. They won’t shovel their walks, cut their grass regularly or do anything to maintain the place. I wish the trailer would fall in someday when they’re gone.

Boris Knott replies-Everyone pitches in for a cheap trip. Tell them they won a prize. Have all the neighbors clean their place up while they’re gone. Take videos when they return.