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Boris Knott


So after a facebook post of saying a dog barking for 12 hours gets on my nerves … Yes thats all I said my wonderful neighbor comes charging out his backdoor across his back yard and onto my property while screaming he is going “to knock me the f&*k out. This man is 240lbs and yes I am a woman. After being told he would kill me I get a peace order for 6 months. Guess what as soon as it expires here we go again. This time he had one of the other neighbors park a junk car 1 inch next to my property line and spray painted Hello on it ahhh but thats not the end he then gets the neighbor kids to take ball bats and beat on the car all day everyday right next to my bedroom window. As if this isnt enough he then starts screaming at another neighbor who is also a woman calling her filthy names and threatening her. This continues every single day. This “man” and I use that term loosely waits until our husbands are at work then he verbally assaults us every time we step out of our houses.

Boris Knott replies- we pay taxes for protection-if it looks dangerous call 911

One Way Street

When the neighbors moved in I went out of my way to be nice and helpful. I tilled them a garden their first year. Plowed their driveway and let them use my outside electrical box until I installed electric in their garage for them. AT NO COST TO THEM, FOR ANY OF THIS Then one day I asked my neighbor if he would give me a hand cleaning my gutters. ( I am disabled) He told me to give his son 50 to clean them, and that is how it went from then on. I continued to give them vegetables from my garden, and be at least cordial to them. I asked him to stop his dog from using my air conditioning unit as a toilet. They refused to chain their dog so I put up a “small” fence. Of course remarks were made by him about the fence. I was raised that you help your neighbors at no cost. You treat them like family. I have had it with this guy. As I stated, I am disabled. My lawn that connects to his driveway is on a slant. He removed a cap off the back of his truck and laid it in his driveway right up against my lawn. I kindly asked him to move it over a little. I certainly can’t weed wack against his cap and can’t get the lawn mower right against it. The guy starts complaining and leaves it there all summer. His wife called me and said that the power went out in their garage and wanted me to look at it. It was due to a bad outlet because he refused to buy the correct ones when I wired the garage. Anyways, I fixed it for them. Then I literally heard him tell a complete stranger, (stranger to me), “That’s the neighbor I was telling you about. The guy who always wants something for nothing.” I ALMOST EXPLODED !! I have worked and saved and might have a couple of dollars but he always says that I’m rich and if I want him to do something I should pay him. I wasn’t raised that way, but I am done doing for their whole family !

Boris Knott replies-We must always try to be kind to our weaker brothers and sisters. Impossible to do this with some people, but that’s the mission statement of life.


I live in an apartment complex and I have the worst neighbors anyone could have! I have 3 kids and it’s not safe here anymore. We all live close to one another and even if I try I can’t ignore them!!  No kids can come here and that Is not right!! I can’t write everything cause it would be too long! Can’t move because it’s too much money and I don’t even go outside anymore because of the way they are! I need help please because no one will listen!

Boris Knott replies-Call the authorities-that’s what your tax dollars pays for.

Eyes in the Sky

What do you do when you complain about a cop and then everywhere you move, your neighbors start trouble by shooting guns toward your place, and things go ‘boom’, and planes and helicopters fly real low over your livestock and house all the time? We’ve had this problem for years. And have moved many times, and it’s the same thing everywhere we go. This is getting very old and at times, frightening. We tried to sue a dept. and that made this worse too. Where do we turn?


Boris Knott replies:  Take lots of videos for proof.  If you move, take videos of before and after.  This will stop the overhead harassment.

Basketball Jones

Sorry for long message but want to give some background. My wife and I just upgraded from a small, older 3BR to a 4 BR 15 year old provincial in a beautiful neighborhood, kid friendly, mature trees, end of cul-de-sac etc. Absolutely lovely piece of property, nice landscaping, rear porch and a pool. We had been looking for a year finally got this one after having lost out on two other bids, and we moved in right before Thanksgiving.

One glaring detail I neglected to give full consideration…the neighbors on one side have a caged basketball court in their back yard, surrounded by a 10 foot tall black aluminum fence with gate and floodlight   It takes up most of their back yard and is only about 15 feet from our property line. I saw it when we toured the house. My wife saw it, my agent saw it, we noticed it and asked about it, but for some reason…we turned a blind eye and told ourselves it wouldn’t be much of a problem. Story was: they have two pre-teen girls and one boy 17, who had a job and a girlfriend, so didn’t use it that much and the other boy was 14 years old and not using it as much 

Come to find out that was untrue, and this is where the remorse begins. We’ve only been in the house three months and I’m already considering putting it back on the market and moving. I have kids and chose to move to a kid-friendly neighborhood and I don’t mind the shouts of kids playing and having fun, or a daily game of hoops going on next door to me. But the reality is, the 14 yr old especially uses that court every chance he gets no matter the weather for hours on end. They use it relentlessly for hockey as well as basketball and invite all the other neighborhood kids over and they play for hours and hours (and it’s winter they are still in school, mind you). Shouts often turn to bloodcurdling screams and curses which penetrates through our house and into the other houses nearby. I’m NOT exaggerating. They deliberately shake the aluminum fence (why??) and the crash of the ball off the fence is deafening. There is no escaping the thump of the ball bouncing inside my house even with the windows closed. Imagine this going on for hours. Constant. Can’t open the windows on nice days. Can’t sit outside and have a peaceful afternoon and just enjoy my back yard. I’m embarrassed to have people over. And it’s still winter here and the windows are closed. So far the play has stopped by 8:30 or 9 because school is still in session, but I am DREADING the coming summer break now.

In sum, turns out I bought a lovely piece of property situated smack next to what is essentially a neighborhood playground someone installed in their back yard. But it doesn’t stop at dusk like the community one, because they have a floodlight! Yay! The real kicker is there is a community park around the corner maybe 500 feet away with TWO fenced in basketball courts on it. Another neighbor, whose back porch also faces their court, told us they were considering moving last year because of the noise, but didn’t because of job/family situation. They also tell us these people DIDN’T seek a variance from the township to install this court…plus they have fencing around it 10 feet tall, and anything over 6 feet requires a variance (I know, I’ve already gotten quotes for a privacy fence for my property).

Bottom line question is, sell immediately or stay? Part of me says put it back on the market now, take a loss if I have to and go before I have to deal with summer. Other part of me thinks to try it for one year and see if we can tolerate it, then consider selling next spring if we can’t. At least I could say I tried for a year.


Boris Knott replies-show up with pizzas and cokes at about 7p one night  and ask them to keep it down after 8p.   If that fails, call noise ordinance. They will show up.

Smoke Gets in your Nose

You should be ashamed of yourself..your acting act a child throwing a Tantrum. I do not deserve your lack of Empathy..Aggressive behaviour Im a single parent raising a disabled child
also recovering from recent surgery.

I was told by manager to leave trash hallway (complaints by neighbor’s about putting trash out bedroom window, excessive Marijuana smoke/smell !?It’s not me!).
I know Smelly Dirty diapers and dirty used sanitary napkins are Gross..but just doing what I was told. All of you are lacking in class and have No Manners. I want to know who ? took my Trash Can? I’m going to call the police..theft of property.
this part of a letter posted by a new tenant(1 month), who is a young single parent with a disabled child, who has No Concept lease agreement(rules and regulations).CPS..police dept
who smokes marijuana in plain view of others. in&out of window all hours .dirty trash outside of her unit because she can.

It’s our fault..?!

Night time construction

I hear construction. it’s 8 pm. very loud. Look out the window and the neighbor’s kid is using a hammer on something in our driveway! I kindly ask him to please step off our driveway. My husband is working late and could run him over. 5 minutes later, his father is at my front door wondering where I get the nerve to tell his child to stop making noise. I explained that his kid was on my driveway, which is private property and that my husband is inbound and could have run him over. We do not have lighting in our driveway. You think he would be grateful we are concerned? No. He continued spouting off and mentioned something about wanting to build a fence. I responded “that’s a great thing! Then your kids wouldn’t come on to our driveway to hammer on blocks!”

Boris Knott – This kid is crying out for attention.  Get to know him better-see what his story is.

Not America’s Funniest Home Videos

We moved in a little over a year ago and have had nothing but trouble from the people next door. we know they been video taping our daughter and we been trying to find the videos online You Tube does not seem to have them. We know they have edited them trying to make our daughter look like a bad person.They called her to the fence and said they wanted to be friends then the mother started talking very loud and her son was recording the who thing. My daughter said she did nothing but tell the truth and told em that they are wrong and it was their cat that was in our fenced yard and their cat bit our dog. They blame everything on the people who live behind us. We know they are not telling the truth and we know they been video taping our disabled daughter. If we can find the videos we can let our lawyer then take it from there. Does anyone know of any other web sites that have rotten neighbor videos? These people have been getting into our mail box destroying our property and just the worst people we have ever met.

Boris Knott replies-Very serious allegations.  Call the police.

Disappearing Act

We moved in a year and half ago and the day we paid for the house we went to look at it again. One of 3 neighbors we had next to us came out to talk. We told him we bought the house he did not seem happy at all. He asked if we had kids and told him one and that we would put a fence up for our dog and child. A second after we said that he pointed at a pole and said you do not have to get it surveyed. We told him we would have to get the owners behind us and the owners on the other side and them to ok a fence or we would have to have it surveyed. The people on the other side are always gone and we never could reach them so it was surveyed. WE found out the boundary line was not were the man next door told us but 5 feet into his land. Well we put the fence up and a good 2 foot off his land. 3 days after we moved in someone pounded on our house around 11pm then few days later they pounded on the windows. This was going on about every week and we never could see who it was. Then Winter came and it stopped but Spring came and it started up again.Then things came up missing out of the yard and our fence on the next door side was being damaged and they busted the gate. Then one night we heard a noise but when I went out to see I could not see anyone and lights were on. Next morning saw the water spout was way off to the side and I had 2 heavy rocks against it so the wind did not blow it away. Who ever tripped over had to been hurt. And funny the next 4 days we did not see the man next door he always was sitting on the porch every morning smoking and drinking coffee. On the 5th day we saw him and he was limping a little we new it was him who fell over it. Then few weeks later someone busted out a garage window and trashed my wife flowers. It has calmed down a little after we started calling the sheriff office reporting things. But we still have troubles about twice a month. The guy next door keeps blaming the other neighbor who are never home. Then one day a dog some how ended up in our fenced yard it attacked our dog and my son was bit. The dog belonged to people down the road who had it in a fenced yard. No way could that dog get out of the peoples fence or get into ours it was knee high dog. We did not make the people pay the doctors bill because we know how that dog got there. But the sheriff keeps telling us we need proof so we bought deer cams set them all around in bushes and trees. But they all came up missing. I am sure the jerk next door took them he watches everything we do. So does anyone have any ideas? can’t use video cams he will just take them and we really want to catch this jerk.

Senior Hassle

I live next door to a horrible person. He has amps in his apartment that sounds like hammering all the time. Mind you he is over 60. Just a very rude person.

Boris Knott replies: Please tell our readers what you have tried so far to get him to keep it down.  Perhaps he likes pizza?