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Boris Knott

Is that So?

The husband of the neighborhood do gooder group responded to a post about how the local church is abusing neighborhood street parking with a comment about ISIS bombing our homes. Too bad the FBI is completely useless.

Boris Knott replies- strongly suggest that everyone tones it down a few notches

Slowly I turned

I have lived all my life with a crazy neighbor who lives behind us. It is an extremely long story but to shorten things up, this neighbor hates my family and me in particular he has gotten every immediate neighbor to move over the years, except for my family. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING that I do is seen as creepy or an advance. There are too many things to list that this lunatic has done to subtly make my life miserable. So, finally, I move out. I begin cleaning out my room, which of course he noticed because this deeply obsessed lunatic watches me quite literally all day, every day (he’s retired). I overhear him saying how long he’s been waiting for me to move out (my parents are still there). I move to an apartment roughly .7 miles away. It’s tucked away and invisible from most main roads and I’m fairly certain I won’t be seeing him anymore. I’m halfway through moving my stuff (process took me a week, so 3 days after I sign for the place) when I hear it somewhere outside the building. His absolutely unmistakable, deep, booming, voice. I hear snippets of a brief conversation… “… the reason I know that is I used to be his neighbor,” a quiet response of some sort and then “… because I recognize his car.” The SOB must have stalked me immediately, and already got to one of my brand new neighbors right in my own 4 unit building as I’m upstairs, moving things around. I have two neighbors downstairs and no neighbor upstairs. They’re both women and very nice.

To be continued… if you want more, beg the site admins to let me post another one in a few weeks! If anything, my torment will at least serve for some entertainment!

Boris Knott-Your neighbors will soon recognize him for what he is. He appears to be extemely lonely and in need of attention, Just ignore him and live your life Or you could report as a stalker and be done with it.

Them Idiots

I would like to start by saying that I would’ve never chosen to live in a condominium. I would’ve much preferred a very small house or trailer with a modest yard and neighbors at a distance. I grew up in a well maintained, family friendly trailer park in the country (think retirement age and young couples vs the idea many have of trailer parks–no trash here). My mother became terminally ill when I was about 12 years old and her parents purchased a condo in the city for her, allowing her to be much closer to the hospital and all of her doctors. She passed when I was 15, and I lived with my grandparents until age 18, at which time I inherited the condo my mother left behind. When I first moved in, the entire complex was maintained to the highest standards and all of the neighbors would get together once or twice a month to discuss any problems/complaints that anyone had. Things were great. I am in the bottom front unit of my building and aside from the occasionally accidental slamming of the main door in and out of the building, I never heard a peep from anyone and we all got along wonderfully; we would dog sit for one another and alert each other of any upcoming parties (my elderly neighbor behind me once warned me that she would be having a tea party on a Sunday afternoon and expected it to get “slightly out of hand”. Adorable old woman, I miss her dearly). Fast forward to now, 6 years later. I am now a single mom of a 6 month old, and have one excessively well behaved dog. The neighbors are absolute hell. The entire complex is going to shambles, no regular maintenance of any kind, college age kids in every unit, dogs running loose without owner supervision, noise ALL the time. My child can’t sleep at night or take naps during the day, I can’t walk my dog without her getting attacked by loose dogs, it’s ridiculous to say the least. The worst of them has to be the girl in my building that has 3 dogs in one unit. She brings them out to let them do their business and they go RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY PORCH, all day every day. There is absolutely no grass left in front of our building. I don’t feel safe having my daughter outside at all due to the diseases carried in dog urine and feces. I’ve tried to talk to her and it just made the retaliation worse. I want out. I hate this place now and I want out of here!! I’m losing my mind over continuous annoyances in what used to be a peaceful, happy, friendly neighborhood. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

Boris Knott replies-Extremely well written. Must be difficult for you. Content yourself with the knowledge that things will change soon. Meanwhile, watch this site for news about a partnership with a pizza company

Pain in the Back

I’m disabled. I have one child at home. We moved in to a brand new apartment a few months ago. I admit my own fallacy of being loud when the kid refuses to listen and I start to holler. I try so hard tho no to be overly loud for the sweet couple that live below me. They both deserve gold medals. The people above me moved in almost two weeks ago. Since they moved in I haven’t slept. Three kids constantly jumping running slamming in to walls. They are all closer to teen than pretween. The parents stomp on the floor all day all night. They constantly drop stuff over and over again in different areas of their apartment.
I’ve had two surgeries since they moved in. Oh PS I do admit to slamming my front door b/c I’m in hellaciious pain levels. When they moved in they threw stuff near my door or jumped near it so hard I would literally lift off the couch. I opened the door to see nothing but hearing them yell so loud after 10 pm at night my daughter woke up stressed crying and pissed. I got tired of it and popped th door shut hard.
I’m tired I’m in pain I had surgery last week and yesterday. I’ve gone up and begged for a decible deflation and it just got worse. They will pace run jump slamming doors drop stuff talk in a loud roar next to my front door all hours of the day and night.
I have at least two more surgeries coming up. Quite soon. It’s all back surgeries. It’s all aimed at lowering my pain levels so I can function. Ive never doubted I would have to hear people moving around. I always knew kids would change the noise levels. I don’t begrudge them for moving in. I just want to stop being bounced to the floor every day and I want to sleep so I don’t go bat crap crazy and really make it worse.

Boris Knott replies – Suggest you consult with your landlord and downstairs neighbors for possible solutions. Perhaps some home baked brownies and a nice note might get through to them.


Retired 7 years now. Bought a small retirement home in a mountain town in California. Several homes on the rock drive from the main road. Our closest neighbors, older man and woman of retirement age seemed nice at first. He started asking personal questions right away. Who drives which car, how much money I get from pension and much much more. He did not get any answers he wanted to hear. Then he started telling me all about their personal information which went in one ear and out the other, I don’t want to hear that. Then the lies started about general things. He never made since in general conversations. I figured he was misinformed….. but about everything? He said the septic system was bad from squirrels digging holes in the leach field. A week later she told me,when he was not home, that he never put the monthly bacteria treatment into the system so it is not working.Then the swamp cooler could not be used because they didn’t make the filters for them anymore. So they took it out. And much much more. It was obvious what the problem was after a while. He has a dog and would walk the dog on a leash many of times a day, stopping and staring into our home through the sliding glass door as we were still in the process of getting the house in order. We quickly bought a curtain. Heard him say that we had a curtain up now loudly to her.Then shortly after that on another date, at night I heard something hit hard against the outside wall, to the room we were in, by the window . This room was is on the back side of the house. I ran outside and caught the old man running away towards his house. He had to walk up several cement uphill steps, about 10 feet in elevation and around the garage to get there. All within the first three months. These people were now not our “new friendly neighbors”. We wanted nothing to do with them. This is when the five years of hell started. We put a privacy area up on our deck. We heard him say that we can’t see whats going on on the other side from inside the house.Shortly afterwards we bought 2 used motorcycles. He got so upset over it his girlfriend (both in their 60’s) could be heard consoling him. (You can hear a dime drop around here, even from inside our small home and from theirs we found out later). Shortly after that we had nails all over our loose rock driveway, right after he replaced his deck steps. At night we would hear a ting ting noise outside from inside the house. We have a metal garage door. Most of the nails were there but there was a lot else were. With the paint on top of the nail head I now had my ammo. Sounds to good to be true. Did not find out until the trash was long gone my spouse threw the nails away. Ugly feeling. He walks his dog up my other neighbors drive to pass by our home and detached garage at night. We know he let the dog poo and pee at night on our property while behind the garage. One time my spouse started walking towards him when he had just let the dog poo and pee on our property (after we told him to stop and before animal control sort of got involved) He started yelling out loud “terrorist threats,terrorist threats”. My spouse was still 20 feet away and had said nothing. He is calculated. You can see him look at all angles from wherever he stands with the dog. From anywhere in our home looking out the different windows you could not see him when you knew he was back behind the garage Go figure that one out. He uses a retractable leash for the dog. Then right in front of us he let their dog poo and pee on our property many times. Animal control took care of that, kind of. (if we see it he get a ticket) but who knows what happens when we are not home. We would catch him after the dirty deed as the dog would be leaving our property. Go figure. Then someone broke our plastic rain gutters on the garage where he would walk his dog at night (which was next to another neighbors drive). Someone gave our outside cat something and she had poop from head to tail when she came home. Another guess on who did it. He said if he got a hold of the cat it would be gone forever. Inside cat now. He turned his outside motion detector flood light towards our house. My spouse smokes outside and it is obvious the neighbor got a remote switch to turn on the floodlight. Turned on that damn thing constantly. Even with friends outside. Lights up the whole side of the house. There is a water culvert that crosses the rock/dirt main drive but on top of the drive for drainage Everyone lives on a hill. No pipe just a very flat “V” shaped culvert which we maintained. When this old man would drive his truck up the drive he would spin his back tires in the culvert messing up our work… all the time. We stopped maintaining the culvert and he stopped spinning his tires on it. . Wherever we sit on our wrap around deck he will come out with his dog and stop on the main drive or another neighbors drive to be right in front of our view, turning his back to us as if that was acceptable. He had a flat tire and thought we had something to do with it.Same thing when her car broke down. Must of walked his dog stopping and glaring at us 20-30 times a day for a week each time. Turns up his scanner full blast when we go outside often. Tried to “hit” on me when we first moved in. They started to wear t-shirts with pictures and sayings…. like we do. We wear ball caps outside….they started the same thing. Totally sick people. What ever we bought for our yard they bought the same thing but in abundance. Bird bath … they now have one. Humming bird feeder and they bought 5 or 6 and put them all together. Wind chimes same thing but had to buy much larger ones. We gave up on the yard. They always seemed to know our business. Until a friend we had over told us our conversations in the house can be heard crisp and clear outside.. So we have had to talk low but we slip all the time. The radio is constantly on. Had to put mirror film on the windows because he wound walk his dog up a hill close to the house and look in. They lie to people about us all the time. A lot of the time where we can hear it clearly while we are outside. Horrible things. And I mean all the time. That hurts. They once had a man over to work on their home and the first thing he said outside after he drove there was “are you still having problems with your neighbors?” Sick people. You could not talk to these people about what they were doing because they would call you a liar to your face, literally. They go on cruises for a week or two… four to five times a year. This is the only time we have any peace. I wanted to just move and let the home go into foreclosure man many times but my spouse talked me out of it. Five years of this hell. Pure hell. The many many tension arguments we had.They have a screened patio which faces our home. They almost live out there 24/7. When we were fixing our deck we found wood rot on the house They could see it and laughed and laughed. She brought her sister over for a laugh fest. It gets fixed and it stops. They laugh at any of our “problems” they see we have outside. If the spouse goes outside to smoke be it at 10pm or 2am he flashes that damn floodlight on which is blinding. They are trying to make us move. Several weeks ago her sister visited them and asked the lady why she hated us so much. “Because they are outside and I see them” Sick people. And can you believe approximately 4 years ago he told my spouse that the lady who lived here before us stayed inside all the time and if we wanted it to all go away we should stay inside too. The former owner of our home dropped everything and let the home go into foreclosure. In hindsight you can see where she had large potted plants on the deck to hide behind because of them. Just recently he approached my spouse and said directly at my spouse something to the effect of “why did you lie about me looking in your window and listening next to the window” loud enough so his girlfriend could hear. I caught him half hobbling and half running away while staring at me when I caught him. His girlfriend’s car was not there at the time. Sick people. He played his I am going to stand in front of your view game yesterday.We have not been able to go anywhere overnight for fear of what we would come home to. Good news. They put their home up for sale. Someone bought it and they are going to move. They are heavy gamblers. He told us when we first moved here. The selling agent asked why they were selling and she told the agent they needed the money. True to form she was talking very loud on the cell phone outside to someone the very same day and said they had to move because of us. Sick people. At their garage sale while he was talking to potential garage sale buyers he kept pointing over towards our home. Sick people. Was it all worth it staying here and not moving? Hell no no no no no. Am I glad I stuck it out. With the outcome now yes. Law said we did not see the criminal stuff and the loss was next to nothing so therefore no report.. Imagine that. (The nails in the drive and the broken gutter). We have never done anything to these people. Much more provoking and harassing by these people has happened. We know this will not stop until the day they are gone forever hopefully. Please pass home inspection, please And it is very obvious that they have done this for so long with precision that they are not new to this type of behavior.

Boris Knott replies-Patience pays off


So after a facebook post of saying a dog barking for 12 hours gets on my nerves … Yes thats all I said my wonderful neighbor comes charging out his backdoor across his back yard and onto my property while screaming he is going “to knock me the f&*k out. This man is 240lbs and yes I am a woman. After being told he would kill me I get a peace order for 6 months. Guess what as soon as it expires here we go again. This time he had one of the other neighbors park a junk car 1 inch next to my property line and spray painted Hello on it ahhh but thats not the end he then gets the neighbor kids to take ball bats and beat on the car all day everyday right next to my bedroom window. As if this isnt enough he then starts screaming at another neighbor who is also a woman calling her filthy names and threatening her. This continues every single day. This “man” and I use that term loosely waits until our husbands are at work then he verbally assaults us every time we step out of our houses.

Boris Knott replies- we pay taxes for protection-if it looks dangerous call 911

One Way Street

When the neighbors moved in I went out of my way to be nice and helpful. I tilled them a garden their first year. Plowed their driveway and let them use my outside electrical box until I installed electric in their garage for them. AT NO COST TO THEM, FOR ANY OF THIS Then one day I asked my neighbor if he would give me a hand cleaning my gutters. ( I am disabled) He told me to give his son 50 to clean them, and that is how it went from then on. I continued to give them vegetables from my garden, and be at least cordial to them. I asked him to stop his dog from using my air conditioning unit as a toilet. They refused to chain their dog so I put up a “small” fence. Of course remarks were made by him about the fence. I was raised that you help your neighbors at no cost. You treat them like family. I have had it with this guy. As I stated, I am disabled. My lawn that connects to his driveway is on a slant. He removed a cap off the back of his truck and laid it in his driveway right up against my lawn. I kindly asked him to move it over a little. I certainly can’t weed wack against his cap and can’t get the lawn mower right against it. The guy starts complaining and leaves it there all summer. His wife called me and said that the power went out in their garage and wanted me to look at it. It was due to a bad outlet because he refused to buy the correct ones when I wired the garage. Anyways, I fixed it for them. Then I literally heard him tell a complete stranger, (stranger to me), “That’s the neighbor I was telling you about. The guy who always wants something for nothing.” I ALMOST EXPLODED !! I have worked and saved and might have a couple of dollars but he always says that I’m rich and if I want him to do something I should pay him. I wasn’t raised that way, but I am done doing for their whole family !

Boris Knott replies-We must always try to be kind to our weaker brothers and sisters. Impossible to do this with some people, but that’s the mission statement of life.


I live in an apartment complex and I have the worst neighbors anyone could have! I have 3 kids and it’s not safe here anymore. We all live close to one another and even if I try I can’t ignore them!!  No kids can come here and that Is not right!! I can’t write everything cause it would be too long! Can’t move because it’s too much money and I don’t even go outside anymore because of the way they are! I need help please because no one will listen!

Boris Knott replies-Call the authorities-that’s what your tax dollars pays for.

Eyes in the Sky

What do you do when you complain about a cop and then everywhere you move, your neighbors start trouble by shooting guns toward your place, and things go ‘boom’, and planes and helicopters fly real low over your livestock and house all the time? We’ve had this problem for years. And have moved many times, and it’s the same thing everywhere we go. This is getting very old and at times, frightening. We tried to sue a dept. and that made this worse too. Where do we turn?


Boris Knott replies:  Take lots of videos for proof.  If you move, take videos of before and after.  This will stop the overhead harassment.

Basketball Jones

Sorry for long message but want to give some background. My wife and I just upgraded from a small, older 3BR to a 4 BR 15 year old provincial in a beautiful neighborhood, kid friendly, mature trees, end of cul-de-sac etc. Absolutely lovely piece of property, nice landscaping, rear porch and a pool. We had been looking for a year finally got this one after having lost out on two other bids, and we moved in right before Thanksgiving.

One glaring detail I neglected to give full consideration…the neighbors on one side have a caged basketball court in their back yard, surrounded by a 10 foot tall black aluminum fence with gate and floodlight   It takes up most of their back yard and is only about 15 feet from our property line. I saw it when we toured the house. My wife saw it, my agent saw it, we noticed it and asked about it, but for some reason…we turned a blind eye and told ourselves it wouldn’t be much of a problem. Story was: they have two pre-teen girls and one boy 17, who had a job and a girlfriend, so didn’t use it that much and the other boy was 14 years old and not using it as much 

Come to find out that was untrue, and this is where the remorse begins. We’ve only been in the house three months and I’m already considering putting it back on the market and moving. I have kids and chose to move to a kid-friendly neighborhood and I don’t mind the shouts of kids playing and having fun, or a daily game of hoops going on next door to me. But the reality is, the 14 yr old especially uses that court every chance he gets no matter the weather for hours on end. They use it relentlessly for hockey as well as basketball and invite all the other neighborhood kids over and they play for hours and hours (and it’s winter they are still in school, mind you). Shouts often turn to bloodcurdling screams and curses which penetrates through our house and into the other houses nearby. I’m NOT exaggerating. They deliberately shake the aluminum fence (why??) and the crash of the ball off the fence is deafening. There is no escaping the thump of the ball bouncing inside my house even with the windows closed. Imagine this going on for hours. Constant. Can’t open the windows on nice days. Can’t sit outside and have a peaceful afternoon and just enjoy my back yard. I’m embarrassed to have people over. And it’s still winter here and the windows are closed. So far the play has stopped by 8:30 or 9 because school is still in session, but I am DREADING the coming summer break now.

In sum, turns out I bought a lovely piece of property situated smack next to what is essentially a neighborhood playground someone installed in their back yard. But it doesn’t stop at dusk like the community one, because they have a floodlight! Yay! The real kicker is there is a community park around the corner maybe 500 feet away with TWO fenced in basketball courts on it. Another neighbor, whose back porch also faces their court, told us they were considering moving last year because of the noise, but didn’t because of job/family situation. They also tell us these people DIDN’T seek a variance from the township to install this court…plus they have fencing around it 10 feet tall, and anything over 6 feet requires a variance (I know, I’ve already gotten quotes for a privacy fence for my property).

Bottom line question is, sell immediately or stay? Part of me says put it back on the market now, take a loss if I have to and go before I have to deal with summer. Other part of me thinks to try it for one year and see if we can tolerate it, then consider selling next spring if we can’t. At least I could say I tried for a year.


Boris Knott replies-show up with pizzas and cokes at about 7p one night  and ask them to keep it down after 8p.   If that fails, call noise ordinance. They will show up.