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Basketball Jones

Sorry for long message but want to give some background. My wife and I just upgraded from a small, older 3BR to a 4 BR 15 year old provincial in a beautiful neighborhood, kid friendly, mature trees, end of cul-de-sac etc. Absolutely lovely piece of property, nice landscaping, rear porch and a pool. We had been looking for a year finally got this one after having lost out on two other bids, and we moved in right before Thanksgiving.

One glaring detail I neglected to give full consideration…the neighbors on one side have a caged basketball court in their back yard, surrounded by a 10 foot tall black aluminum fence with gate and floodlight   It takes up most of their back yard and is only about 15 feet from our property line. I saw it when we toured the house. My wife saw it, my agent saw it, we noticed it and asked about it, but for some reason…we turned a blind eye and told ourselves it wouldn’t be much of a problem. Story was: they have two pre-teen girls and one boy 17, who had a job and a girlfriend, so didn’t use it that much and the other boy was 14 years old and not using it as much 

Come to find out that was untrue, and this is where the remorse begins. We’ve only been in the house three months and I’m already considering putting it back on the market and moving. I have kids and chose to move to a kid-friendly neighborhood and I don’t mind the shouts of kids playing and having fun, or a daily game of hoops going on next door to me. But the reality is, the 14 yr old especially uses that court every chance he gets no matter the weather for hours on end. They use it relentlessly for hockey as well as basketball and invite all the other neighborhood kids over and they play for hours and hours (and it’s winter they are still in school, mind you). Shouts often turn to bloodcurdling screams and curses which penetrates through our house and into the other houses nearby. I’m NOT exaggerating. They deliberately shake the aluminum fence (why??) and the crash of the ball off the fence is deafening. There is no escaping the thump of the ball bouncing inside my house even with the windows closed. Imagine this going on for hours. Constant. Can’t open the windows on nice days. Can’t sit outside and have a peaceful afternoon and just enjoy my back yard. I’m embarrassed to have people over. And it’s still winter here and the windows are closed. So far the play has stopped by 8:30 or 9 because school is still in session, but I am DREADING the coming summer break now.

In sum, turns out I bought a lovely piece of property situated smack next to what is essentially a neighborhood playground someone installed in their back yard. But it doesn’t stop at dusk like the community one, because they have a floodlight! Yay! The real kicker is there is a community park around the corner maybe 500 feet away with TWO fenced in basketball courts on it. Another neighbor, whose back porch also faces their court, told us they were considering moving last year because of the noise, but didn’t because of job/family situation. They also tell us these people DIDN’T seek a variance from the township to install this court…plus they have fencing around it 10 feet tall, and anything over 6 feet requires a variance (I know, I’ve already gotten quotes for a privacy fence for my property).

Bottom line question is, sell immediately or stay? Part of me says put it back on the market now, take a loss if I have to and go before I have to deal with summer. Other part of me thinks to try it for one year and see if we can tolerate it, then consider selling next spring if we can’t. At least I could say I tried for a year.


Boris Knott replies-show up with pizzas and cokes at about 7p one night  and ask them to keep it down after 8p.   If that fails, call noise ordinance. They will show up.

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