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Builder Blues

Holy new neighbors! When you move in to a quiet little neighborhood out of town. Think little lake town. No pop up suburban houses etc. Many small narrow roads. (No one parks on the road because it makes for a big headache in our part of the lake). Very narrow.

So these new neighbors come in. The guy owns a construction company. He has had (he put it up over a year ago when he SLOWLY started building his house) 5×5 foot sign displaying his company facing our house. Did I mention it’s been over a year?! He saws and power drills at midnight. And then back to the parking. At least 8 cars daily. Friends, family etc. only 2 cars in the driveway but 6-8 lined up over 2 blocks (yes it’s that narrow).

Go away new neighbors. Then walked in thinking they own the block and its too obnoxious. Ugh.

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