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Cat Scratch Fever

I’ve had to deal with a very rude neighbor for the last three years. Loud music into the wee hours of the night, loud banging constantly, playing right in front of my door to rub it in my face that our landlord would do nothing about them, her yard is constantly infested by rats and cockroaches. She (the neighbor) eventually lied to the landlord, and said I threw cat feces in her yard, and the landlord tried to evict us under those false pretenses. I fought back, went to the law library, and looked up how my rights were violated. This, as well as a strongly worded letter to management got the eviction overturned. This neighbor’s child continues to bang loudly into the night, despite the new landlord giving her a warning (the manager ended up getting fired). I’m praying to see an eviction notice on my rude neighbor’s door soon. It would be justly deserved for all the harassment I’ve had to put up with.

Boris Knott replies-pleased to see you did not resort to any violent responses.

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