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Pull Up to my Bumper

Bought new town home..love it..but don’t like the rude neighbor that has up to 5 parking spaces within own driveway but choose to block entrance to my driveway instead. Narrow shared driveway… board refuses to get involved…rude neighbor who could park in own driveway facing foward and just drive out chooses to park sideways where she has to maneuver around narrow driveway instead…doesn’t make sense…just figure she a nut… that we may have to take to court or just hit her car if push comes to shove..when I have to push my way into my own driveway.

Boris Knott replies-Do not attack this car. It will not work out. Send her a certified letter of notice to sue in civil court.

Revved Up

I have put up with a neighbor,who constantly revs his car up at all hours, he has no respect for anyone,even his own family. He Is older,however he acts like a 16 year old kid. It’s like that car Is his whole life,and that’s really sad. Maybe he needs A REAL LIFE!!

Don Obnoxious

I have a neighbor who is a consistent glassy eyed, obnoxious sleaze bag. This guy has a habit of smoking in common areas which is not allowed, parking his car in peoples parking spots, and sometimes walking around looking doped up. He recently parked his car in my neighbors parking spot. My neighbor had his car ticketed. He got mad and went after her. She gave it right back to him. He then threatened to call the cops on her after she stood up to him. Everytime I see this sleazebag neighbor of mine. I cringe. His hair is slicked back in Mafioso style, he drives a black dirty Lexus with a kids seat in back. No one has ever seen him with a kid. He always dresses in sweatpants with a black T-shirt, like he just woke up even if it’s in the middle of the day. He always has a sleazy smile on his face. He lives in the garden unit of our building and leaves his blinds open, he sometimes walks around his home naked. He is so nasty. Some of my neighbors, including myself want him kicked out.

Not So Chipper

New neighbor moves into this house/neighborhood and is using a wood chipper at 9am on a Sunday…waking up everyone within a mile radius. So rude!

Broom at the Bottom

I live in low income housing unfortunately, not the best place to live when you are not rich. I live across from one of the most awful neighbors to have He complains about anyone that lives around him. If you live on the right or left of his unit he always has something to bitch about, even the people above him Even though I live across you can hear the banging of his broom vibrating throughout every wall on the first floor. He has harassed two other tenants and I believe he is now targeting the woman above him I noticed that he complains in the middle of the day before 10 pm. I have witnessed how annoying he is.

Clothes Make the Man?

Fred has been a nightmare neighbor for over 15 years. Loud music. Banging on the walls. Roaming the hallway naked. The co-op board and management company put him on probation a couple of times, but once the probation is over, he’s right back at it.

Boris Knott replies-Take a picture of his next naked romp and report him to the police.

Doggin’ it

My neighbor was very nice when she moved in. Kept to herself w her husband and son but was friendly and always stopped to talk. Her son use to play with my three boys a lot. Although he was a little bit of a s disturber I dealt with it because they were nice. Then about a year into their living here they got a dog While I am out in my garage she came over to tell me that my kids and their friends are in her yard. And that it would be better if they played at their friends houses. She went as far as to tell me that I was not parenting well….. She has yelled at my mother in law and will stand on her porch and watch with hateful eyes.

Cat Scratch Fever

I’ve had to deal with a very rude neighbor for the last three years. Loud music into the wee hours of the night, loud banging constantly, playing right in front of my door to rub it in my face that our landlord would do nothing about them, her yard is constantly infested by rats and cockroaches. She (the neighbor) eventually lied to the landlord, and said I threw cat feces in her yard, and the landlord tried to evict us under those false pretenses. I fought back, went to the law library, and looked up how my rights were violated. This, as well as a strongly worded letter to management got the eviction overturned. This neighbor’s child continues to bang loudly into the night, despite the new landlord giving her a warning (the manager ended up getting fired). I’m praying to see an eviction notice on my rude neighbor’s door soon. It would be justly deserved for all the harassment I’ve had to put up with.

Boris Knott replies-pleased to see you did not resort to any violent responses.

Scream Team

His creepy son constantly brags about hacking computers, -there’s always the sound of kids screaming and yelling and banging on the walls–and when the cops arrive they either leave or don’t answer the door. They are the neighbors from hell.

Make Like a Tree and Leaf

The horrible neighbors that moved must have told a terrible lying story to the youngsters who bought their home. The male is doing some of the same things the idiot who moved did, but not to the extent by far. Whenever we are outside he lets out a loud fake cough, Every time. We also got the flashlight pointed our way at us during a power outage. He also has a large pile of leaves close to our property that borderlines ours. He cleans all the leaves off his drive but leaves the leaf pile there…..just like the people before did. We just do not get it. We stay to ourselves. Still glad the other people are gone….no property damage or nails in the drive. Just when you think its totally all over you get slapped on the other cheek. I just don’t get