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Published on February 22, 2012 by Boris Knott

I know I only have a few months left on my lease but wanted to vent anyway. My neighbors front door is 10 feet or less from our living room and bedroom(on second floor). My neighbors are loud, inconsiderate, and their children are unsupervised and misbehave, to say the least. They were loud, the kids yelled various expletives( horrible words), the parents yelled at each other and the children on a daily basis. About 2 months ago, their dad decided to leave their mom. The mom is a whole other piece of work. We asked about 5 months ago to please stop being so loud ( there is no reason we should be hearing them yell if you are in your house and we are in yours and all doors and windows closed). But, it only made things worse, even though we were very nice about it. Since dad left, their front lawn has furniture and trash all over.


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