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Disappearing Act

We moved in a year and half ago and the day we paid for the house we went to look at it again. One of 3 neighbors we had next to us came out to talk. We told him we bought the house he did not seem happy at all. He asked if we had kids and told him one and that we would put a fence up for our dog and child. A second after we said that he pointed at a pole and said you do not have to get it surveyed. We told him we would have to get the owners behind us and the owners on the other side and them to ok a fence or we would have to have it surveyed. The people on the other side are always gone and we never could reach them so it was surveyed. WE found out the boundary line was not were the man next door told us but 5 feet into his land. Well we put the fence up and a good 2 foot off his land. 3 days after we moved in someone pounded on our house around 11pm then few days later they pounded on the windows. This was going on about every week and we never could see who it was. Then Winter came and it stopped but Spring came and it started up again.Then things came up missing out of the yard and our fence on the next door side was being damaged and they busted the gate. Then one night we heard a noise but when I went out to see I could not see anyone and lights were on. Next morning saw the water spout was way off to the side and I had 2 heavy rocks against it so the wind did not blow it away. Who ever tripped over had to been hurt. And funny the next 4 days we did not see the man next door he always was sitting on the porch every morning smoking and drinking coffee. On the 5th day we saw him and he was limping a little we new it was him who fell over it. Then few weeks later someone busted out a garage window and trashed my wife flowers. It has calmed down a little after we started calling the sheriff office reporting things. But we still have troubles about twice a month. The guy next door keeps blaming the other neighbor who are never home. Then one day a dog some how ended up in our fenced yard it attacked our dog and my son was bit. The dog belonged to people down the road who had it in a fenced yard. No way could that dog get out of the peoples fence or get into ours it was knee high dog. We did not make the people pay the doctors bill because we know how that dog got there. But the sheriff keeps telling us we need proof so we bought deer cams set them all around in bushes and trees. But they all came up missing. I am sure the jerk next door took them he watches everything we do. So does anyone have any ideas? can’t use video cams he will just take them and we really want to catch this jerk.

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  • Anne says:

    Is there a way to set cameras up inside the house that look outside? That way he can’t take them?

    • somedude says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing as soon as I read the part about the missing game camera(s). It would be perfect to have a good view of the camera that he would more than likely stael again, then the cops should have probable cause for a search warrant. Maybe all the missing stuff would be found…

      I wish I had these options available some years ago myself.

  • Nice Neighbor says:

    Maybe you can try to install cameras inside your home that point outside a window. This would make the cameras much less noticeable and much more difficult to steal. This system has great ratings on Amazon but you may find something better there. Let me know if you need more specific information.

    Zmodo 8-Channel DVR Security System

    • somedude says:

      Lol; we all seem to think alike here!

    • Harp says:

      We been going through much of the same and we called police few times they told us they know it is the neighbors but unless you have proof on camara can’t really do anything. They watch us all the time they think we don’t know it and they are videoing me when I am outside with my dog.. My dad said they are sick in the mind ignore them but the more we ignore the worst it gets I think..We had to get a mail box last Spring because they been getting into ours they did not know we new.. They blame the kids that live behind us and we know 100% sure it not them they keep going on how the grandmother family has owned the house for over 80 years so what that don’t give you the right to harass other people..There cat was inside out chainlink fence and attacked my little dog and 2 days later my dad saw the father put a big gray cat in the yard..So I went out holding my dog trying to get that cat out and next day another cat in the fenced yard..No cat ever came in the yard after fence was up..But the wife is stupid when ashe called me over saying how they wanted to be friends then started blaming my dog for there cat who bit him.Saying how they saw it Hmm now we think they put their cat in our yard because it rare for cats to climb over a chainlink fence it hurts their paws..They think they are smart but gosh I am slow and I am smarter than they are..We know they are the ones who been doing everything and only on there side is our fence been messed with. They video me when I am outside my dad said if they get their kicks watching a dog going potty then let them it might be the only life they have LOL..We called the police few times last was there son got in our mail box for the upteen time..We got a post office box last Spring because they were in our mail box we seen them many times..They said he got confused bull crap he got their mail then open ours he is not confused they just sickos who lie about everything or blame others..We will not speak to them we are going to live like they are not their for one thing they are crazy as loons. Even 2 cops told us there is something not right about them. The other neighbors have told us nobody likes them but they talk to them I think they might be scared if they don’t they will do something to them..We moved in almost 2 years ago and they been messing with us off and on since the day we bought the house..

  • james says:

    This is what I would do:


    He may steal the cameras, but you’ll have video of him doing it.

  • ken says:

    The deer cameras wont work because the hardware is in the unit. You need actual cameras that record to a device inside your house or upload to the cloud. That way if he steals THOSE cameras you will have it recorded.
    If you don’t want to do that- set up a camera on a fake camera

    Good Luck

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