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Don Obnoxious

I have a neighbor who is a consistent glassy eyed, obnoxious sleaze bag. This guy has a habit of smoking in common areas which is not allowed, parking his car in peoples parking spots, and sometimes walking around looking doped up. He recently parked his car in my neighbors parking spot. My neighbor had his car ticketed. He got mad and went after her. She gave it right back to him. He then threatened to call the cops on her after she stood up to him. Everytime I see this sleazebag neighbor of mine. I cringe. His hair is slicked back in Mafioso style, he drives a black dirty Lexus with a kids seat in back. No one has ever seen him with a kid. He always dresses in sweatpants with a black T-shirt, like he just woke up even if it’s in the middle of the day. He always has a sleazy smile on his face. He lives in the garden unit of our building and leaves his blinds open, he sometimes walks around his home naked. He is so nasty. Some of my neighbors, including myself want him kicked out.

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