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So after a facebook post of saying a dog barking for 12 hours gets on my nerves … Yes thats all I said my wonderful neighbor comes charging out his backdoor across his back yard and onto my property while screaming he is going “to knock me the f&*k out. This man is 240lbs and yes I am a woman. After being told he would kill me I get a peace order for 6 months. Guess what as soon as it expires here we go again. This time he had one of the other neighbors park a junk car 1 inch next to my property line and spray painted Hello on it ahhh but thats not the end he then gets the neighbor kids to take ball bats and beat on the car all day everyday right next to my bedroom window. As if this isnt enough he then starts screaming at another neighbor who is also a woman calling her filthy names and threatening her. This continues every single day. This “man” and I use that term loosely waits until our husbands are at work then he verbally assaults us every time we step out of our houses.

Boris Knott replies- we pay taxes for protection-if it looks dangerous call 911

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  • Dawn says:

    This is a form of mobbing. It is unlikely that the police will respond. If you do call the police you have upped the ante. The harassment will increase. He is the “instigator” and has most likely convinced other neighbors to become involved by lying about you. They may sincerely believe they are protecting the neighborhood. They have already crossed the line with implied threats of physical violence. This is not a situation that will go away because your neighbor is deriving pleasure from making you suffer. He is a bully, and he is raising little bullies, teaching them how to harm women. Do you want to fight this? If you do, it will consume your entire life. If possible, consider moving. If you stay, install cameras around your home, keep your cell on camera mode at all times, and record any comments. Do not engage. When (not if, but when) the police make excuses as to why they will not help you, file a complaint and ask for documentation. Also ask for records of all calls to that address–someone may have experienced the same thing before you.

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