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My husband and I have two dogs and live in an apartment

My husband and I have two dogs and live in an apartment (NYC) so we have no yard. The dogs get plenty of exercise, lots of walks, and play dates with other dogs at a nearby park. They also have to go to the bathroom on our walks. They go as close to the curbs as they can, but with cars parked down both sides of the street, they obviously can’t go in the street. Our horrible neighbor has decided that sidewalks are private property, and our dogs should not be doing their business on them. He screams at my husband and I that we “never clean up after the dogs. .” Total lies, not only do I pick up my dogs’ poo, but I carry a bottle of water with me to rinse the sidewalk after every pee or poo. We tried telling him he was mistaken, more cursing; we cross the street (hello danger) so we’re not in front of his house, he yelled louder; yesterday he ran down the block and across the street to accuse my husband of not picking up,. I know that there is a girl in our neighborhood with the same color hair as me and same color dog as one of mine, so this could be who he thinks he has on video, but I’m more disturbed at some random person recording me without my knowledge! What am I supposed to do?

2 Responses to My husband and I have two dogs and live in an apartment

  • Peter says:

    Kill your dogs….or maybe dont have any if you live in an apartment?

    i live in california and you rude dog owners that live in apartments are a huge problem. if it were up to me id be outside with an ak-47 waiting

  • Amanda says:

    Don’t listen to Peter. Obviously he is ignorant. FYI, Peter, there are responsible dog owners out there. Maybe in California you only have rude dog owners in apartments. I’ve lived in some apartments like that, and it’s unfortunate, but not everyone is like that. I live in Chicago, which is probably more like NYC than California is, and dogs aren’t a problem in either building I have lived in. you wouldn’t even know there are dogs in the building. Dog owners, especially with large breeds, have it rough because it’s so hard to find a decent apartment that allows large dogs (I have a 65 lb. Boxer). In both buildings I’ve lived in, dogs are not the problem, people are. People who think they need to yell so the person a foot away from them can hear. People who play their music loudly and put their speakers right by their front door. People who obviously either don’t bathe or don’t take their trash out. People who have kids screaming nearly 24/7. Peter: get a clue. To the original post: try to ignore the guy. Kill him with kindness. Wave your baggie of poo at him and smile when he harasses you. If you feel threatened, call the police, but otherwise I wouldn’t worry about it. Obviously he has nothing better to do, much like Peter here telling you to kill your dogs. And thank you for being a responsible dog owner. If there were more like you and me, maybe Peer wouldn’t have his panties in a bunch about it.

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