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Not America’s Funniest Home Videos

We moved in a little over a year ago and have had nothing but trouble from the people next door. we know they been video taping our daughter and we been trying to find the videos online You Tube does not seem to have them. We know they have edited them trying to make our daughter look like a bad person.They called her to the fence and said they wanted to be friends then the mother started talking very loud and her son was recording the who thing. My daughter said she did nothing but tell the truth and told em that they are wrong and it was their cat that was in our fenced yard and their cat bit our dog. They blame everything on the people who live behind us. We know they are not telling the truth and we know they been video taping our disabled daughter. If we can find the videos we can let our lawyer then take it from there. Does anyone know of any other web sites that have rotten neighbor videos? These people have been getting into our mail box destroying our property and just the worst people we have ever met.

Boris Knott replies-Very serious allegations.  Call the police.

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