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One Way Street

When the neighbors moved in I went out of my way to be nice and helpful. I tilled them a garden their first year. Plowed their driveway and let them use my outside electrical box until I installed electric in their garage for them. AT NO COST TO THEM, FOR ANY OF THIS Then one day I asked my neighbor if he would give me a hand cleaning my gutters. ( I am disabled) He told me to give his son 50 to clean them, and that is how it went from then on. I continued to give them vegetables from my garden, and be at least cordial to them. I asked him to stop his dog from using my air conditioning unit as a toilet. They refused to chain their dog so I put up a “small” fence. Of course remarks were made by him about the fence. I was raised that you help your neighbors at no cost. You treat them like family. I have had it with this guy. As I stated, I am disabled. My lawn that connects to his driveway is on a slant. He removed a cap off the back of his truck and laid it in his driveway right up against my lawn. I kindly asked him to move it over a little. I certainly can’t weed wack against his cap and can’t get the lawn mower right against it. The guy starts complaining and leaves it there all summer. His wife called me and said that the power went out in their garage and wanted me to look at it. It was due to a bad outlet because he refused to buy the correct ones when I wired the garage. Anyways, I fixed it for them. Then I literally heard him tell a complete stranger, (stranger to me), “That’s the neighbor I was telling you about. The guy who always wants something for nothing.” I ALMOST EXPLODED !! I have worked and saved and might have a couple of dollars but he always says that I’m rich and if I want him to do something I should pay him. I wasn’t raised that way, but I am done doing for their whole family !

Boris Knott replies-We must always try to be kind to our weaker brothers and sisters. Impossible to do this with some people, but that’s the mission statement of life.

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