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Overstepped Boundaries

Our rotten neighbors are belligerent bullies. They think they are above the law. They erected a fence on our property when we weren’t home, digging up our yard and pouring concrete footers in our flower beds. We had the property surveyed and staked the property lines, which he promptly pulled up. We asked him to move the fence and he refused, saying “good luck.” So we hired an attorney who sent letters. He moved the fence a few inches, but it was still on our property and he dug MORE holes and poured MORE concrete on our property. So we got sick of it and jackhammered the footers that were on our property out, erected our own fence to keep him off our land. (Meanwhile, mind you, this doofus is cursing us out at every turn and harassing us verbally at every chance. The police are doing nothing at all other than “speaking with him”- which results in nothing.) This loudmouth louse admitted to pulling our survey stakes out both times and yet the police do nothing. Then, he dropped gravel on our property, covering the survey pins. So now, we have no recourse BUT to sue him. The guy is a huge bully and refuses to simply do the right thing. He can’t stand that he is wrong and is doing everything he can to screw us. We have done nothing to this idiot. He’s just a sick S.O.B. All this after he cut trees down that were on our property and destroyed our hemlock trees. Then he tried to bully us in public by stalking us while we ate at a public restaurant with the restaurant owner on the outdoor patio. He was in the liquor store next door and was staring at us and drove his truck right up to the edge of the patio just to threaten us. And yeah, the police “spoke” to him. Yet nothing more was done. This guy is a psycho. We now bought a surveillance camera to catch him in the act. We hope he takes the bait so we can have him arrested.

Boris Knott replies-Take lots of pictures and videos and consult your lawyer for a remedy. This should be a black and white issue with a survey that will stand up in court.

2 Responses to Overstepped Boundaries

  • somedude says:

    Man, that IS harsh! I had a former neighbor remove an old post from a fence that marked the property line, and then would back a tractor truck into his tiny driveway.
    It was not pleasant living next door to him, as that was just one of the many things he did in the few years we lived next door. One time he left that big truck idle for like 24 hours during cold weather. I get mad just remembering him, now. I do not have good luck with neighbors.

  • Jane says:

    Why do I bother callnig up people when I can just read this!

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