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NOLA Offers!

Howdy Rowdy Neighbors!

Everything was fine and dandy when we first moved in. Yes the neighbors kids seemed a touch rowdy but boys after all. It was not until our second week here I realized why they cannot keep a
tenant in our condo! It started out simple, screaming matches, items being thrown, moms car window being broken with rocks (by her kids). It all came to a head though when one of the boys lay
on the floor in our living room literally kicking and screaming calling my husband profane names. I was unsure exactly what to do at this point! We were watching him for his parents. They left
their meeting and came and got him.

Nothing was done. Nothing was done when their oldest told my daughter she was slutty, nothing was done when their kid threw rocks at my husbands head, nothing was done when the 13 yro wrecked
our bonfire in the back yard and smashed the bonfire pit we made, nothing was done when one of the boys put rocks in front of our door hoping my husband would break his ankle, nothing was done
when their 16 yro broke out windows with golf balls, nothing was done when they let their trash pile up in the basement ATTRACTING RATS, nothing was done when they left a pile of cigarette butts
in my driveway, nothing was done when they opted to dump half their trash in the rubbish bin and half on the ground, nothing was done when they started to walk their dog in MY front yard to go,
nothing was done about the fact they now seem to be running a hostel with over 10 people living in their unit now There is no discipline with these children. What the hell people what the hell!

Brooking a rude neighbor

The woman who lives next door is very rude and has no respect for anyone. She has parties all the time with people drinking and doing drugs outside. She always has new people living with her and she keeps a dog outside all the time at all hours and it does not stop barking.

Editor’s note. The writer of this e-mail complaint gave her address and warned people not to move next door to her rude neighbor, Rudeneighbor.com does not publish addresses ornames, but we will report that this rude neighbor lives somewhere in Brooklyn.

Fencing duel

Our neighbor keeps getting worse with each passing year.
We try our best to be on good terms with him.
We say hello, wave and smile when we see him.
We have our lawn mowed every two weeks and keep our dogs quiet and in our own yard.
He is some kind of ex athlete , child star that believes he should be paid attention to.
He admitted that he climbs the fence when we are not home and goes in our back yard.
He did not say what the reason was.
He left an obnoxious bullying note about the adjoining fence.
There are two other neighbors, we all share a common fence and there haven’t been any such problems!
He told us to get a wire fence inside our own fence!
Every 5 days or so he cuts his grass and dumps every bit of the clippings , clumps and dirt right in front of our driveway.

He does it only when we are gone or sleeping.
This has gotten worseover time.
Recently, he had a deck built.
He never lets anyone visiting or working park in his driveway, He instructs them to park in front of our home.
We would appreciate any advice on this matter.


Dual Exhaust

I’m just exhausted with neighbors and renting. It’s hard to deal with those who don’t respect shared dwellings.

We’ve moved numerous times for bigger space or more amenities or to avoid cigarette smells coming through the vents only to be upgraded with bigger problems that only seem to come back on you in the end.

All we ask is to have our share of the duplex we rent but we get more then our share.

We get the share of dog mess that piles up week after week, and the neighbors truck that stays parked in front of our garage.

All this boils down to being told that we don’t need to be babysat and all we do is complain about everything.

We ask nicely and still it’s a losing battle and the neighbors nasty letters pile up.

Being a nice neighbor is taken for granted and apparently being unhappy and dealing with being walked on is our only option til we have to move yet again.

If there’s a nice neighbor out there I admire you for keeping your sanity.

Most of these stories sound worse than mine.

Hopefully we all find our happiness and live peacefully, after all that’s what this life should be about.

Fighting is exhausting.

Movin’ on out

Where to begin?

For some reason I’ve had a spate of bad neighbors. Years ago I was living in a
triplex. I was in the middle. Imagine. On the one side was this couple
that had screaming fights fairly regularly. Fortunately they didn’t last long.
On the other side was the dirtbag. This guy would wait until I got home from
work, tired and ready to drop, then flip the switch on his super stereo and
blast the most outrageous, thumping music till 10 or 11 pm. It was so loud that
the base would literally knock the pictures off my walls. You could look at a
bathtub of water and see the vibrations, similar to those when a rock is thrown
into a pond.

Moved and rented a house thinking that having my own walls and space would be
better. It was, but only barely. The neighbors across the street liked to party
and in the morning I’d find beer bottles in my yard and in my tree.

So we moved again. This time we had a neighbor who liked to stand outside his
house and curse at the top of his lungs. Just crazy. We heard that he had some
kind of war trauma or something. He also liked to climb the fence and go into
our yard to cut down plants that he didn’t like. I asked him about it and he
says “Yep, sure did. That stuff will spread to my side if I don’t”.

The next place we chose out of desperation to get out of the last situation. A
place in the country that I hope will give us some privacy. But though we have
land around us, now we are across the street from a tavern. The guy who had the
house before us told us that this tavern only has 4 concerts a year. Four turned
into 8 for us. Big events with thousands of people and hundreds parking all
along our property line. Drunks throwing beer bottles in our yards, jumping our
fence, vandalizing, stealing and cursing me in the most foul way in front of my
4 year old daughter. The owners of the tavern also allow people to park all
night next to us and we’d get car horns and alarms going off in the wee hours
complete with flashing headlights in our windows.

Keep in mind that we have always been very polite neighbors that mind our own
business and only react after taking abuse for an extended period of time as we
don’t like confrontation. But it seems that some people take quietness as
weakness and use the opportunity to get out their aggressions and frustrations.

So were moving again. I hope this time we can find some decent people to move
next to. Maybe another country?

Editor’s note. This rude neighbor story was edited down for space concerns. There were
other rude neighbors who were also plenty rude.

Barrier Larry

I have a neighbor who took offense to our new driveway at a property we are rehabbing as a rental.

He and his wife continued the harassment along our deeded right of way through
his driveway, erecting barriers to our property, doorway and oil tank fill
pipes. We finally were so fed up that we made funny videos and put them on

After a year of taking the high road, ignoring these nuts and others
who resented our presence, we feel a great sense of peace knowing the world can
see this pathetic fool. We did nothing to this man.

My Neighbor from Hell ACT I Revised

The cold shoulder.

Hello, I first wrote about the first part of this story last year, and received a pretty rude comment from someone. I can’t control who does what on here, but if you feel like commenting, please be helpful and positive, not passive aggressive and snarky. Thanks. :)  

When we moved in to our small complex a year and a half ago, we were greeted with open arms by a guy around our age (mid to late 30s) who seemed very affable and good natured, so our initial first impression was a positive one–until things started to get weird. A few months later (and this is after his little dog became ‘friends’ with our small dog, and he’d let our dog into his town home even), he does a complete 180 with his behavior and starts turning his back on me if we ran into each other while walking our dogs in the neighborhood. during walks in the neighborhood. He starts to ignore me, and starts to act increasingly more bizarre and rude, to the point, where he sidestepped me on a road and walked into a field area. I was shocked, and after that final incident, we vowed to not engage him again at all–we decided that we would just ignore him if we saw out and would try to avoid him like the plague. This went on for 5 months until he moved out (phew), but then as luck would have it, his parents move into his town home and take over the lease (or something).

I can’t say that I wanted to go out of my way to socialize with them after what happened with their son, but whenever an opportunity presented itself and I would find myself running into them somewhere in the complex or out on the street, I would always act civil and polite (in other words, neighborly). I picked up some weird feelings from them, too, and came to the conclusion that the family just had really weird social issues which clearly have NOTHING to do with me, but still even with that realization, I felt myself feeling irked because it felt like a repeat offense. Yesterday, an incident happened with them again where I tried to be the “polite neighbor” and waved as I was pulling up the curb, and the father ignored me. I had really had it this time, but didn’t act on anything…still though, I would like to know what the deal is with these people.

These are also people that only a month ago were talking to me on the sidewalk (with other people around, mind you) and were shaking my hand, and asking me what my name was, and then again, with the bizarre, inexplicable 180 stuff. They had the nerve to talk about “community” that day on the sidewalk (they were probably trying to make a good impression on the people around them), yet multiple people in that family has acted pretty badly towards me, another neighbor–what a total hypocrite.

There’s part of me that would like to put a letter in their mailbox, but I think there’s a bigger part of me that just wants to yep…ignore them. Supposedly they’re moving in a few months, so that will be a relief when they’re gone. I realize that my neighbor issues may not be as extreme as others (and I have experienced some really extreme issues, too), but it still leaves you with a bad feeling when stuff like this happens–it kind of feels like a betrayal in some way.


My neighbors leaves the bathroom exhaust fan on all day?

I can’t figure out why, unless he smokes in his room or is growing some plants or something…

Not the biggest deal in the world, considering I live next to a loud street, but who wants to listen to the drone of a 20 year old fan all day at home?

Light Fight Gained National Attention

December 19, 2013

Sarah Childs’ bright middle finger in Denham Springs has been put to rest.

Childs, who gained international attention for placing Christmas lights in the shape of a middle finger on her Starlite Drive home roof, said Tuesday that she removed the lights so she will no longer offend her neighbors.

Childs first lit up her roof more than a year ago, sparking a debate among her, her neighbors, the city and the ACLU over her rights to maintain the display.

Childs reinstalled the lights last week, stoking the fire again.

But Childs said she brought the lights down in the last couple of days — this time for good.

“It was just directed to one person,” she said. “I just didn’t want to offend the community anymore.”

Neighbors have appeared ready to put the situation behind them ever since the lights went back up. All but one declined comment when approached last week when Childs was on her roof designing her middle finger.

Todd Traylor, a neighbor of Childs’ on Starlite Drive who has expressed disgust in the past about the lights, was terse but sounded satisfied Tuesday when asked about the giant finger’s demise.

“Hooray,” Traylor said. “That’s my reaction.”

Traylor said he wanted to “let that story die” when asked for further comment.

Childs, the former Sarah Henderson, moved into the home in 2007 but moved out within the last year or so after divorcing her husband. But she still considers the home “half my house” and stops by from time to time to check on it.

Childs put the lights up for the first time after Thanksgiving in 2012, following long-standing arguments with neighbors, one of whom Childs accused of stealing her dog.

Childs has said she mounted the display as a way to express her anger.

Nearby residents expressed disgust at the bright middle finger and complained to police. Officers went to Childs’ house to ask her to take down the display.

Childs agreed to remove the finger, but she said a neighbor said something to her that irked her. So she decided to fight back.

The ACLU eventually got involved and sued the city, on Childs’ behalf, in federal court. A judge granted Childs’ request for a restraining order prohibiting Denham Springs officials from interfering with the lights.

The court case was settled in January 2013 , with city officials agreeing not to meddle with the display.

Childs kept the lights up until New Year’s Eve in 2012, when somebody tore them down. She has said she left them off until recent weeks, when personal issues have her frustrated again.

Childs reinstalled the lights on Dec. 9. But someone came by overnight and cut the lights down, tossing the strands in her front yard.

Childs was back at it the next day, replacing the finger and adding two more.

Childs has said she believes neighbors cut the lights down, though she has no proof it happened that way. She said she never contacted police about the lights being cut down.

Childs received a wave of negative criticism both nationally and internationally for the display, including a flurry of comments on The Advocate’s website and Facebook page.

Childs said Tuesday that she received even more threats when she reinstalled the lights.

But that’s not why she took them down, she said.

“I took them down just solely because it’s Christmastime, and my intent was never to offend my whole community,” she said.

This doesn’t mean everything is peaceful now between her and the neighbors, Childs said.

But the lights won’t show up again soon, Childs said. “It’s over,” Childs said with a sigh.

Daily I am surprised by a new inconsiderate act by our next door neighbors. There are two unwed daughters with multiple children living with their parents. They have a wide array of boyfriends and conduct their lives on the front porch. 8 a.m. shouting matches with a blitz of F-bombs in front of cringing school children is a regular event. They clean out their cars and throw the trash in my yard. They drink all night and throw the empty bottles into our yard – once
while we were sitting around the chiminea enjoying a camp fire! The bottle landed between my 3 yr old son and my 86 yr old neighbor. At this event I was driven to confront them and shouted out “Hey! That almost hit my kid!” They didn’t seem to hear me, but I heard the girl tell her boyfriend, “See? That’s what happens when you don’t go to the gym – your energy builds up and then you do this.” This neighborhood could be really nice, but these folks make it a dump, literally. I wish every day that we could move.

Boris Knott replies – Suggest you avoid confrontations and wait. This situation will clear up all by itself sooner than you think.