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Love thy neighbor?

Cute Lass

My wife and I live in a quiet subdivision in a quiet suburb. Our neighbors seem
to think our neighborhood is their parking garage though, for as many vehicles
as they want. They have SUV’s, sedans, work vans and a large pick up truck.
Most of which get parked on the street because, oh, I
forgot to mention the Cutlass on their driveway that hasn’t moved in the many
years that we’ve lived there. This isn’t a public street where you just park
your cars on the street, it’s a closed neighborhood. It looks awful, others are
trying to sell their homes and it just makes the place look trashed. I always
wonder when the day will come that they just start planting daisies in the

Part One

This story is about twelve years old but still resonates. I was working at a
whitewater rafting company and rented a place on the river. Friends and I were
throwing Frisbee one day and drifting into the field next to my property.
Suddenly an angry old man pulled up (his property) and proceeded to start
yelling about boundries. Everyone was rather cool and he walked up to the
largest guy in our group, a paramedic, and punched him.
My buddy said “You’re going to jail.” And he did. It turns out that he didn’t
like rafting people and seeing kayaks in the yard.

-Fritz B

Mystery Beat

Tonight our neighbor four houses from us is beating on something in his yard, every now and then he does this sometimes up to 12 at night.

Ruff Life

We have this rude Neighbor they rent a house four houses down from us, almost every day they do something to make us mad, first beating and banging on metal at night all the way up to 12, drive up and down the road with music booming away, and driving around town racing up and down the roads, or just sitting in his car/truck racing his motor, sometimes I wished they never moved close by us or moved in our town at all, oh, and they have dogs that bark at everything

Gentrification Petrification

Years ago, I fell into the “gentrification” trap by buying a house in an “up and coming” neighborhood in Philadelphia. I never saw people with such low hygienic standards. Every weekend the entire neighborhood would get sloppy drunk, and their kids would stand on the street and bray for no apparent reason. If you complained, they would pay you back by vandalizing your house and car. The house was a crumbling mess and I had a hard time selling it. Urban pioneers, beware.

Up up and away

Short fuse

I have lived with my boyfriend for 4 years in a home we took over after his grandparents passed away. We now have a 2 year old son. In summer, our neighborhood is mostly vacation rentals and several older people year-round. We keep to ourselves and I’ve grown very comfortable with our surroundings until this evening.
I’ll start by saying a year ago, after the 4th of July, our neighbors across the street were partying and lighting off giant fireworks. I love fireworks, and I’m never bothered by the local party people. But theirs were not your average small crackers, but big loud sprays of sparks that shot above our house. It disturbed our son who was sleeping and when we went outside, the sparks were about 50 feet above me at my front door. At that point, my boyfriend made a call to the police, only after knocking on their door. It seemed more logical than walking over their property to the side they were on. An officer spoke with them and it ended. After that, nothing went wrong. I think they are summer homeowners, I occasionally exchange a hello with the man – they seemed like nice people, despite my bf’s dad saying they were royal pains.
Flash forward a year from then, to today. I took my son out for a walk this evening. While passing their house, i heard the lady say to her husband “is that the one who called the cops?” He sounded like he was hushing her. After a short walk, we turned to come back home. She then approached me in the road and asked if I lived “there” pointing to my house. I replied “yes” she then went on an angry rant about me calling the cops, although I countless times explained I was not the caller, my boyfriend (who was at work now) was the one…but I said it was a disturbance to me and my son when they were shooting them off. She said “fireworks happen all the time!” And kept rambling on about how much she liked my bf’s grandparents, and it wasn’t neighborly of us to send the police. I said it wasn’t neighborly to yell at me in the street with my child, now scared, in my arms!! Her husband just sat back on the porch, not showing any emotion. After I went home, I broke down, it upset my poor little guy but I could’nt help crying. I live in such a quiet, friendly lake area, but this was the 2nd time since summer began that a person verbally attacked me like that! I called my bf and told him, and without hesitation, he made another police report about them!!! I believe an officer was sent out to them, too. Fuel to the fire?? I just wanted to be safely tucked in my house with my son, and never go outside again!!! What should I do if she approaches me again? Im alone with our son for 2 days!

Boris Knott replies: First off, as hard as this may be to do, We must always try to help our weaker brothers and sisters. There is no monetary reward for this, and at times it seems pointless and frustrating, but that is the way to go if one has the inner strength for it. Imagine doing this every minute of every day-whew! Moving forward, this site does not offer any legal advice or claim to know anything about the law. We have encountered a similar situation with an equally obnoxious and rude person. Calls at all hours of the night etc. Take heart that this situation occurs all over the world everyday. With that said, why not write them a letter asking them nicely not to talk to you? Or if you are able, smile and offer words of peace to these people. Tell your son that they are ill and will hopefully be better soon.

Just Plain Rude

I had the worst neighbors ever at my last house . I was in my home ten years, I bought it with a ten year mortgage so I could pay it off and add a family room and master bedroom with a bath onto the back of the house. I’m an Interior Designer I loved my home and wanted to add onto the back like I do for clients for a living. The last year I was there a couple moved in across the street. I helped them with their house for free picking paint colors shopping for window coverings gave them all the furniture and stuff from my attic. When I paid off my mortgage and started getting pricing from contractors the couple across the street got so jealous they went crazy. I called a realtor bought a larger home I love even more in the city with better neighbors, I didn’t want to fight with anyone.

Ciao for Now

Satellite Sally

I have lived in my back house apartment for 12 years–peacefully and quietly. This year, I got new neighbors. These obnoxious yuppies and their children moved in and all hell broke loose (my living room overlooks their backyard). The children scream in the yard for no reason–just to scream. They started a construction project that supposedly was to last three weeks–we are now in week 6 with no end in sight. Might I mention all the noise, dust and mariachi music comes in my patio doors? Oh, and they parked the outhouse under my balcony. They painted the side of my building without asking, their kid bounces a basketball off my wall–and when I try and speak to them about all this noise, I am lectured about being more tolerant. This from a woman who bitched when my satellite dish was “in her airspace”. I wish the satellite dish had a laser on it that would launch a missile at their house.

Boris Knott replies: Suppose you could laser your neighbors? Would it stop there or would you keep on going? Hmmm, sounds like a great plot for a sci-fi movie.

Grand pain

I have had several bad neighbors who rented the apartment above me. This latest one moved in a lot of extra people not on the lease The landlord does nothing to evict them despite all the violations they have done. As long as they are paying the rent he doesn’t bother. Yesterday I got a phone call because my address is next to hers and it was a car loan company trying to track down her car to repossess it. I’ve been here for 4 years. Nobody lives in my apartment that isn’t on the lease, including my 2 cats which I pay extra for. I have never been late with the rent. She is the 5th upstairs tenant since I moved in, and all the others left owing the landlord rent. One owed nearly $4,000 when he got them out. It is too hard to move when you are old. It costs a lot and is very difficult. I have a vegetable garden and don’t want to leave it, plus my daughter and 3 grandchildren rent an apartment across the lawn from my back door. And there are some good neighbors, including the guy who works on my car and calls me mom, even though I’m not that much older than him. I wish there was some way to get some help. I haven’t slept all night, and it is now 6:45 am.

Ruff Life

If you think neighbors can’t get anymore ignorant try South Carolina.

Over the years many have taken on dogs that bark the moment anybody moves. If one barks other do as well creating an environment of dog noise.
Many own more than one dog, that will fight with the others.

Let me out of here!