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NOLA Offers!

American Idle

This married couple with kids moved next door to me. The first official interaction with them was when the husband came over to my yard and complained about my car idling because it shakes his windows and the fumes. I had the car running for 5 minutes prior to him appearing. After that initial meeting all went down hill pretty much. His wife complained when I had my air compressor in my garage running for 5 minutes around 11 am during business hours.

A. Loof

Okay, this just takes the cake in terms of rudeness and bizarreness. We move into our little townhome/cottage about 3 months ago and on the first day we move in, a nice, ‘friendly’ seeming guy welcomes us to the complex and introduces himself. He ‘seemed’ nice and we had a positive first impression. Then we don’t see him for another month, and the next time we see him, we were getting some wood dropped off for us–literally in the street. My husband was at work, and I was alone, feeling frantic because I had to move the wood fast and didn’t want any of it to get swollen. Said tenant offers to help me stack the wood. “What a nice guy,” I think to myself, and as we stack the wood together, we have what seems to be a nice conversation and he tells me about his travels, and some other details about his life (totally voluntary and unsolicited). I was very appreciative and even offered to give him some of our wood–he politely declines and said it was a ‘pleasure to help me.’ Great, right? Nope!

We continue to see him here and there, and mostly it seems normal–waving hello and things like that, but then gradually I start noticing some really odd behavior from him while seeing him in the neighborhood walking his dog (and me, while walking my own dog). He starts turning his back to me when we happen to run into each other walking our dogs in the same areas, and this was when I thought, “Okay, this isn’t normal.” Well, then this burgeoning odd behavior is again punctuated by what seems to be ‘friendly’ behavior: our dogs start to become friends and play with each other in the courtyard, and then our dog runs inside his house (this happened three times) and he seems to happy and thrilled to see her. THEN, and this was about THE last straw for me with this dude, I run into him again yesterday while walking back from a spot where I had taken my dog, and he sees me and makes a quick (and noticeable) sidestep to the right of him and walks over into this field right away. Bizarre? YES. Unbelievably rude? YES. Husband and I have decided the dude either has a chemical imbalance in his brain or something is seriously wrong, has NOTHING to do with us. We couldn’t believe it! Now not only will our dog not be playing with his any longer, but we will not acknowledge this person anymore, and we can only hope that he’ll be moving soon (we believe his one year lease is up in a few months anyway). Is too much to ask that we live near NICE, NORMAL NEIGHBORS

Boris Knott replies-Strange behavior indeed. Write him a letter asking what the problem is-nicely of course.

Cold and Hot Barking Dogs

Nothing says inconsiderate like leaving your 6 dogs outside all day and night to bark and keep any neighbor awake. These rude neighbors should also take prize as Devin pet owners, I’m sure dogs love triple digit temps or staying out when it’s freezing.

Chicken Delight

I’ve lived in my home for 15 years, but I’ve just about had it with the idiots who live in this neighborhood.

We’re in a zoned rural residential area, but these people think it should look like a Real Housewives of New Jersey neighborhood. This didn’t lead to any conflicts with them until two years ago.

My husband promised my kids chickens, so two years ago, we got them.

Our yard is an acre, so the chickens are well in the back of our property.

Some snotty woman, who’s hardly said a word to us in the whole 15 years, decided that we’re the Beverly Hillbillies who are hell-bent on ruining her lifestyle. We can’t see her house from ours, and I know that she can’t hear the roosters crow in the morning (*I* can’t).

Last fall, my daughter caught this woman taking pictures of our backyard. Not even a week later (which neither my husband or I knew long after it happened; no one was home at the time), Code enforcement showed up. We found out from one of our other neighbors, who we’re friendly with, and who actually likes the chickens.

Since rural residential in our area means you *can* have livestock on an acre or more, this woman was SOL.

Sometimes I wish these people would pack up and move to that perfect Real Housewives neighborhood, with invented problems. Then they can all curse each other out and leave me alone.

Rude Noises

My neighbor is very loud early in the morning and very late at night. My bathroom window is right next to their house so it scares me at very inopportune moments.

It Takes a Village

I don’t have one, but a VILLAGE of rude neighbors. I live in a complex that has the nerve to call itself a “luxury apartment community.” Apparently, after paying for underground utilities and cenic landscaping, the developer ran out of money to better insulate the walls. I can hear the neighbors both downstairs and across the hall.

A couple in their late 60s lives in the downstairs apartment. They frequently play music so loud, I can feel the bass vibrating in the walls. When I complained to the rental office, the guy got ticked and tried to argue with me and said I couldn’t possibly hear his music. Come to find out he had sub-woofer against the wall.

Then there is the across-the hall douchey college guy. He decided he would stack bags of trash outside his door. I counted no less than 6, drawing flies. I took pics and emailed them to the rental office. He has different friends and females coming over, and they all run up and down the stairs like a herd of elephants. Visitors are here every few days, taking up even more spaces than he does.

Douchey guy alone takes up one to two parking spaces with his ginormous truck, depending on how crappy his parking skills are on any given day. He also has a motorcycle collecting dust in another spot. Every now and then, usually at night, he goes down to the parking lot and revs it up.

My Facebook friends have derived a great deal of entertainment out of my near daily bad neighbor rants. As Mr. Rogers used to say, “Who are the people in your neighborhood?” Sometimes, I just don’t want to know!

Boris Knott replies: Sounds like a block party might be in order here. Get to know your neighbors better.

Paint your Sidewalk

Three neighbors poured a five galon bucket of WHITE paint on right of way, curb and street/gutters. I Reported to city – No one has cleaned it up. There are tire tracks in front of his and other neighbors houses. It is still there as of today. He also leaves trash bins in the right of way all week. They are to be placed back on to your property within 24 hours of trash day.

Boris Knott replies: “In New Orleans, there are fines for trash on the street on non trash days. Perhaps in your city too?”

Chicken Little

We bought a decent amount of acreage a few years ago. When we bought it one neighbor warned us that one of our other neighboring families had been loud in the past but since they had kids he thought those days were in the past. We recently built our house and have lived in it for a few months. About 3 weeks in we learned that the “loud family” are actually the neighbors from hell… They blare their music in their garage when no one is home and late at night. We have had to call the cops on them a few times and the last time was at 2 am and no one was home when the cops tried to respond.

Recently we decided to buy chickens because it is our goal to have a mini farm. Well our wonderful neighbors let their dogs (pit bulls) roam free, they do not have a fenced in yard and they do not let their dogs in their house. Their dogs come over onto our property all the time. Their female dog has killed three of our chickens within a weeks time of owning them. The male dog has recently came over onto our property and acted aggressively towards my husband. They both come over and try to mess with our dogs, luckily we have fenced in our dogs an area to play in.

I am at a loss on what to do, because this was our dream, that is turning into a nightmare. We have worked hard to make our dream come true because we learned after my husband was injured in the war in Iraq that you are not always promised a tomorrow. What can we do? We have tried talking to them but the wife acts all offended and screams at her husband that they need to move because it is one thing after another with us, acting like we are the bad guys.

Boris Knott replies: “Perhaps if they knew your husband was an American patriot it might change their behavior, Anyway, write them a letter asking them to keep their dogs corralled. Maybe you can get some assistance from animal control. Any ideas readers?”

Dishing the Dirt

It all started around three years ago when my wife and I started building our house, the first time we came over to look at our house (at the time it was a hole in the ground) we are walking around our land, we are not there for five minutes when he walks right up to us like he owns the place and says “Can I help you?” in a tone like he is a bouncer at a club asking for IDs. Trying not to get off on the wrong foot, I smiled and offered to shake his hand as I said can I help you? He asks if he can have some of the dirt that was dug out for my basement, not thinking much of it I say sure figuring he would take a few wheelbarrows full at most, the next day my contractor calls me up asking about the dirt missing, the guy must have been at it for a while because about three yards of dirt was gone, that’s about 100-125 wheelbarrows full by the way, turns out the guy has a trailer for his lawnmower, it would not be a big deal except that they use the dirt from your basement to put the correct grade on your land so I wound up having to buy dirt to finish out my land. I let that go because I never told him how much dirt he could take.
Move ahead 3 months the house is almost done its November and it’s supposed to snow that night, I am at the house painting and he comes and knocks on the door, “hey it’s gonna snow tonight and your driveway has snow and ice on it, if you leave it like that then it will freeze and be all ice, I will snow blow it for you for $30.” and I said to him “That’s ok I don’t live here yet and it does not matter to me.” but apparently he stopped listening after ok because shortly after that I had to leave to go to work. And when I get back the next day he comes knocking on the wondering where his $30 was. For all of you out there with bad neighbors, I feel your pain.

Biker Blues

We have a problem with a neighborhood bully and his Harley motorcycle. I’m talking about someone who insists on riding his motorcycle at unsafe speeds with very loud straight exhaust pipes in an otherwise very quiet neighborhood. It’s not just the patriarch of “that house,” it’s the rude teenage boys and wife who have become “that family” in the neighborhood. They don’t get invited to BBQ’s, they don’t get cookies at Xmas, they do get stares and talked about by all the neighbors around. That family is one reason why a neighborhood watch is being considered. That family is one reason why the city is looking into speed mitigation devices.

Boris Knott replies: “Try bringing them cookies and inviting them to BBQ’s-you may be surprised.”