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Pain in the Back

I’m disabled. I have one child at home. We moved in to a brand new apartment a few months ago. I admit my own fallacy of being loud when the kid refuses to listen and I start to holler. I try so hard tho no to be overly loud for the sweet couple that live below me. They both deserve gold medals. The people above me moved in almost two weeks ago. Since they moved in I haven’t slept. Three kids constantly jumping running slamming in to walls. They are all closer to teen than pretween. The parents stomp on the floor all day all night. They constantly drop stuff over and over again in different areas of their apartment.
I’ve had two surgeries since they moved in. Oh PS I do admit to slamming my front door b/c I’m in hellaciious pain levels. When they moved in they threw stuff near my door or jumped near it so hard I would literally lift off the couch. I opened the door to see nothing but hearing them yell so loud after 10 pm at night my daughter woke up stressed crying and pissed. I got tired of it and popped th door shut hard.
I’m tired I’m in pain I had surgery last week and yesterday. I’ve gone up and begged for a decible deflation and it just got worse. They will pace run jump slamming doors drop stuff talk in a loud roar next to my front door all hours of the day and night.
I have at least two more surgeries coming up. Quite soon. It’s all back surgeries. It’s all aimed at lowering my pain levels so I can function. Ive never doubted I would have to hear people moving around. I always knew kids would change the noise levels. I don’t begrudge them for moving in. I just want to stop being bounced to the floor every day and I want to sleep so I don’t go bat crap crazy and really make it worse.

Boris Knott replies – Suggest you consult with your landlord and downstairs neighbors for possible solutions. Perhaps some home baked brownies and a nice note might get through to them.

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  • lisa says:

    The landlord has been involved. One time with a verbal warning and again with an official complaint. The one that cubes before the noise offense gets a person kicked out. It’s frustrating because i know for a fact that people moving in to these apartments need a hand up to get back on their feet. Most of us are single moms who’ve dealt with some serious issues. One mom list hey husband in an accident. For me it was drugs drink and abuse. Other moms have health issues like I do. I didn’t want it to get to the point the landlord had to tell my upstairs neighbor quite or get evicted but it did. Please y’all remember there are other people that live around you with different issues and y’all have to work together you have to live near each other. Be a support and a strength not a stressed out hands full hindrance….

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