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Party Down

Lived in an apartment for about 2 years. 2 groups of neighbors lived below me in the past 2 years and I almost never heard anything at all, even when there were parties and music at reasonable level. For about 4 months now, there is this group of “princesses” that moved in and the noise in uncanny.

Started with people going in and out till’ 4 am, running in the hallway and honking as they were leaving, banging the doors and basically kept me from sleeping for more than a month. I called the landlord to get the building front door to close smoothly with a stopper so he asked me why all of a sudden this was a problem. Told him that the door slammed all hours of the night and he called the neighbors to asked them to keep it down for other neighbors in the block.

THIS was the beginning of real hell. Deliberately stomping like crazy on floor, hitting their ceiling (my floor) incredibly hard and randomly (up until 3am quite often), only to hear 3 or 4 laughter of girls saying things like : “He must go crazy hahahaha”. Making “Wooo” noise when I leave and slamming their doors up to 2-3 times in a row. One time, I sneezed three time and they slammed their door three time. Now, their new game is to park their car behind mine, this even if there is parking space free all over.

Next time, cops are gonna be brought into this. Some people are plain EVIL…

Boris Knott replies-ignore them and they’ll get bored and move on

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