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Retired 7 years now. Bought a small retirement home in a mountain town in California. Several homes on the rock drive from the main road. Our closest neighbors, older man and woman of retirement age seemed nice at first. He started asking personal questions right away. Who drives which car, how much money I get from pension and much much more. He did not get any answers he wanted to hear. Then he started telling me all about their personal information which went in one ear and out the other, I don’t want to hear that. Then the lies started about general things. He never made since in general conversations. I figured he was misinformed….. but about everything? He said the septic system was bad from squirrels digging holes in the leach field. A week later she told me,when he was not home, that he never put the monthly bacteria treatment into the system so it is not working.Then the swamp cooler could not be used because they didn’t make the filters for them anymore. So they took it out. And much much more. It was obvious what the problem was after a while. He has a dog and would walk the dog on a leash many of times a day, stopping and staring into our home through the sliding glass door as we were still in the process of getting the house in order. We quickly bought a curtain. Heard him say that we had a curtain up now loudly to her.Then shortly after that on another date, at night I heard something hit hard against the outside wall, to the room we were in, by the window . This room was is on the back side of the house. I ran outside and caught the old man running away towards his house. He had to walk up several cement uphill steps, about 10 feet in elevation and around the garage to get there. All within the first three months. These people were now not our “new friendly neighbors”. We wanted nothing to do with them. This is when the five years of hell started. We put a privacy area up on our deck. We heard him say that we can’t see whats going on on the other side from inside the house.Shortly afterwards we bought 2 used motorcycles. He got so upset over it his girlfriend (both in their 60’s) could be heard consoling him. (You can hear a dime drop around here, even from inside our small home and from theirs we found out later). Shortly after that we had nails all over our loose rock driveway, right after he replaced his deck steps. At night we would hear a ting ting noise outside from inside the house. We have a metal garage door. Most of the nails were there but there was a lot else were. With the paint on top of the nail head I now had my ammo. Sounds to good to be true. Did not find out until the trash was long gone my spouse threw the nails away. Ugly feeling. He walks his dog up my other neighbors drive to pass by our home and detached garage at night. We know he let the dog poo and pee at night on our property while behind the garage. One time my spouse started walking towards him when he had just let the dog poo and pee on our property (after we told him to stop and before animal control sort of got involved) He started yelling out loud “terrorist threats,terrorist threats”. My spouse was still 20 feet away and had said nothing. He is calculated. You can see him look at all angles from wherever he stands with the dog. From anywhere in our home looking out the different windows you could not see him when you knew he was back behind the garage Go figure that one out. He uses a retractable leash for the dog. Then right in front of us he let their dog poo and pee on our property many times. Animal control took care of that, kind of. (if we see it he get a ticket) but who knows what happens when we are not home. We would catch him after the dirty deed as the dog would be leaving our property. Go figure. Then someone broke our plastic rain gutters on the garage where he would walk his dog at night (which was next to another neighbors drive). Someone gave our outside cat something and she had poop from head to tail when she came home. Another guess on who did it. He said if he got a hold of the cat it would be gone forever. Inside cat now. He turned his outside motion detector flood light towards our house. My spouse smokes outside and it is obvious the neighbor got a remote switch to turn on the floodlight. Turned on that damn thing constantly. Even with friends outside. Lights up the whole side of the house. There is a water culvert that crosses the rock/dirt main drive but on top of the drive for drainage Everyone lives on a hill. No pipe just a very flat “V” shaped culvert which we maintained. When this old man would drive his truck up the drive he would spin his back tires in the culvert messing up our work… all the time. We stopped maintaining the culvert and he stopped spinning his tires on it. . Wherever we sit on our wrap around deck he will come out with his dog and stop on the main drive or another neighbors drive to be right in front of our view, turning his back to us as if that was acceptable. He had a flat tire and thought we had something to do with it.Same thing when her car broke down. Must of walked his dog stopping and glaring at us 20-30 times a day for a week each time. Turns up his scanner full blast when we go outside often. Tried to “hit” on me when we first moved in. They started to wear t-shirts with pictures and sayings…. like we do. We wear ball caps outside….they started the same thing. Totally sick people. What ever we bought for our yard they bought the same thing but in abundance. Bird bath … they now have one. Humming bird feeder and they bought 5 or 6 and put them all together. Wind chimes same thing but had to buy much larger ones. We gave up on the yard. They always seemed to know our business. Until a friend we had over told us our conversations in the house can be heard crisp and clear outside.. So we have had to talk low but we slip all the time. The radio is constantly on. Had to put mirror film on the windows because he wound walk his dog up a hill close to the house and look in. They lie to people about us all the time. A lot of the time where we can hear it clearly while we are outside. Horrible things. And I mean all the time. That hurts. They once had a man over to work on their home and the first thing he said outside after he drove there was “are you still having problems with your neighbors?” Sick people. You could not talk to these people about what they were doing because they would call you a liar to your face, literally. They go on cruises for a week or two… four to five times a year. This is the only time we have any peace. I wanted to just move and let the home go into foreclosure man many times but my spouse talked me out of it. Five years of this hell. Pure hell. The many many tension arguments we had.They have a screened patio which faces our home. They almost live out there 24/7. When we were fixing our deck we found wood rot on the house They could see it and laughed and laughed. She brought her sister over for a laugh fest. It gets fixed and it stops. They laugh at any of our “problems” they see we have outside. If the spouse goes outside to smoke be it at 10pm or 2am he flashes that damn floodlight on which is blinding. They are trying to make us move. Several weeks ago her sister visited them and asked the lady why she hated us so much. “Because they are outside and I see them” Sick people. And can you believe approximately 4 years ago he told my spouse that the lady who lived here before us stayed inside all the time and if we wanted it to all go away we should stay inside too. The former owner of our home dropped everything and let the home go into foreclosure. In hindsight you can see where she had large potted plants on the deck to hide behind because of them. Just recently he approached my spouse and said directly at my spouse something to the effect of “why did you lie about me looking in your window and listening next to the window” loud enough so his girlfriend could hear. I caught him half hobbling and half running away while staring at me when I caught him. His girlfriend’s car was not there at the time. Sick people. He played his I am going to stand in front of your view game yesterday.We have not been able to go anywhere overnight for fear of what we would come home to. Good news. They put their home up for sale. Someone bought it and they are going to move. They are heavy gamblers. He told us when we first moved here. The selling agent asked why they were selling and she told the agent they needed the money. True to form she was talking very loud on the cell phone outside to someone the very same day and said they had to move because of us. Sick people. At their garage sale while he was talking to potential garage sale buyers he kept pointing over towards our home. Sick people. Was it all worth it staying here and not moving? Hell no no no no no. Am I glad I stuck it out. With the outcome now yes. Law said we did not see the criminal stuff and the loss was next to nothing so therefore no report.. Imagine that. (The nails in the drive and the broken gutter). We have never done anything to these people. Much more provoking and harassing by these people has happened. We know this will not stop until the day they are gone forever hopefully. Please pass home inspection, please And it is very obvious that they have done this for so long with precision that they are not new to this type of behavior.

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