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Senior Hassle

I live next door to a horrible person. He has amps in his apartment that sounds like hammering all the time. Mind you he is over 60. Just a very rude person.

Boris Knott replies: Please tell our readers what you have tried so far to get him to keep it down.  Perhaps he likes pizza?

2 Responses to Senior Hassle

  • rq kalani says:

    Invited this RUDE disrespectful bully to July 4th BBQ and on Thanksgiving made him a plate still making Loud pounding noise. I’ve been totally nice out of my way nice. He is a Grinch. . I’ve pounded on the walls spoke to him numerous times told the landlord called the police. He doesn’t care.

  • m.c. williamsmm says:

    Invited him to BBQ on July 4th.
    Made him a plate on Thanksgiving. Been extremely nice. .He’s a Jerk. . Totally no respect. Practically broke the wall down from all that disturbing Noise.
    He’s a adult bully. . The courts told me I can sue him for disturbing my peace
    I’ve been documenting everything just a little bit more time. . The court can handle this. I’ve tried there’s no reasoning with this person. .

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