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Silent Sally

We have not one but two neighbors who must absolutely hate us. We are very nice & generous people. We have helped almost every one of our neighbors within our immediate proximity -including one of the two aforementioned-with everything from snow plowing to lending out generators after Hurricane Irene caused much of the northeast to lose power last September. We inherited our disheveled home in an upscale neighborhood from my father-in-law. We’ve been cleaning & clearing out via tag sales, dumpsters and donations.    I’m writing this because I got really angry today.  Today, we had firewood dropped off by a friend of ours who is in the tree business. He called us afterwards and said that the other neighbor -who we have helped out numerous times- started screaming at him while he was unloading the wood from the truck . My gripe is that neither one has even attempted to talk to us directly about their concerns but has instead decided to take the cowards’ way out by complaining to everyone else. Part of me is so angry and I want to scream at them but then I think that remaining silent would be the better choice.

Silent Sally

Boris Knott replies-stay the course.  With your good altitude things will work themselves out.

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  • Margaret says:

    Dear Sally,
    You made a right decision. We built a house in an older neighborhood. Our house is bigger than our neighbors’ and this fact makes them unhappy. An old maid who lives on our left side calls police every time a ball accidently rolls on her yard that is “decorated” with “No trespassing” signs. Today, she had a tree service trimming her tree. They entered our yard and began their work. I wanted my neighbor to taste her own medicine and told the workers to stay on her property. The men called me all kinds of names while my neighbor was enjoying it. She got her tree trimmed, name calling and entertaining morning for one low price. I’ve learned a lesson to never go down to a crazy neighbors’ level. It’s not worth it.


    I feel you Anger! I can understand taking the lady like road by being quiet but it looks like this “thug” only understands one thing! Tell him/her to F _ _ _ off and if he/she keeps acting like a “thug” you will file a police report each/every time you feel threatened by screaming, yelling, etc. like some deranged stalker! What an IDIOT this guy is & his parents should have smacked his butt, teaching him MANNERS along with respect a Long time ago!

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