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Slowly I turned

I have lived all my life with a crazy neighbor who lives behind us. It is an extremely long story but to shorten things up, this neighbor hates my family and me in particular he has gotten every immediate neighbor to move over the years, except for my family. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING that I do is seen as creepy or an advance. There are too many things to list that this lunatic has done to subtly make my life miserable. So, finally, I move out. I begin cleaning out my room, which of course he noticed because this deeply obsessed lunatic watches me quite literally all day, every day (he’s retired). I overhear him saying how long he’s been waiting for me to move out (my parents are still there). I move to an apartment roughly .7 miles away. It’s tucked away and invisible from most main roads and I’m fairly certain I won’t be seeing him anymore. I’m halfway through moving my stuff (process took me a week, so 3 days after I sign for the place) when I hear it somewhere outside the building. His absolutely unmistakable, deep, booming, voice. I hear snippets of a brief conversation… “… the reason I know that is I used to be his neighbor,” a quiet response of some sort and then “… because I recognize his car.” The SOB must have stalked me immediately, and already got to one of my brand new neighbors right in my own 4 unit building as I’m upstairs, moving things around. I have two neighbors downstairs and no neighbor upstairs. They’re both women and very nice.

To be continued… if you want more, beg the site admins to let me post another one in a few weeks! If anything, my torment will at least serve for some entertainment!

Boris Knott-Your neighbors will soon recognize him for what he is. He appears to be extemely lonely and in need of attention, Just ignore him and live your life Or you could report as a stalker and be done with it.

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