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Smokey the Dog

My husband and I just moved to Utah from out of state and we stay in an apartment/condo and the neighbor under us is so rude! Him and his friends are so loud and they blast music so loud you’d think we were playing it in our home. He smells the place up too with his horrible smoking habit! He also lets his dog outside to do its business without watching it! The dog just wanders around while he’s inside. He yells at everyone else but thinks he’s perfect!

One Response to Smokey the Dog

  • Amanda says:

    Have you tried calling the apartment office to complain? I had to do that in my last apartment because the people across the hall did the same thing with their music. Try talking to the office. Just tell them you’re not comfortable talking to him personally because you don’t want him to know it was you and retaliate. As for the dog roaming, if your city has leash laws, you can call the police or anima control. If they get there quickly enough, they may ticket him (probably just a warning the first time or two). But obviously he’s not picking up his dog’s waste if he’s not out there so they can ticket him for that too. Bottomline- the apartment should want to have tenants that respect their policies, the property, and the other tenants. If this is not a priority for them, I would look for somewhere else to live.

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