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Speaker of the House

I live in a condo and been living here for 43 years. I have never ever bothered a neighbor in all that time, till now. I have a bad neighbor   . She is violating my Unit as my Rights as a unit owner, and vibrating and violating my apartment for 9 years . finally found the person and now she is harassing me with the speaker wave that comes from the speaker and won’t do anything to help this situation. She is a BAD NEIGHBOR AND VIOLATES ME EVERY NIGHT BROADCASTING HER SPEAKERS AROUND MY APARTMENT. I want you to know that she is the worst neighbor in the 9 years I have lived in my new apartment after living here for 43 years.in a studio. I can’t even enjoy myself , she has taken over everything in my place an beat me up with those speaker waves that hit me every day and night. broadcasting her speakers all over the building.   My neighbors know that I have been having this problem for year and they understand , but my other neighbors are banging on the wall tell me to stop banging on the wall. I have never ever bothered a neighbor in the whole time I lived in this building in 43 years living here. I don’t want to bother my neighbors, but I have to do what I have to survived this bitch that is bothering me as a BAD NEIGHBOR. thank you

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