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Tally Ho

It sucks having a rude neighbor. We have lived here over seven years.it started with garbage on our property .Next was me getting bit by their dog. I can say we have never tried retaliating.The biggest problem is after contacting the building department the city fails to do any thing. I am so frustrated.

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  • James says:

    I have two trash can neighbors who live in Plainfield, Illinois and one who is an unfit mother who has three kids and does nothing productive with her childeren. We will call them Aaron/Ericka Williams who is the biggest low-lifes/unfit parents. These two walk down the street with beer bottles and play bags in the streets.
    The wife is always calling other homes in the area and telling others not to talk to certain families. When you have three kids shouldn’t you be making sure you doing what mother’s do? which is take youe kids somewhere and get them active.
    This family has stole comcast tv and will throw beer bottles in your yard and the husband will drive down the street with kids in the car trying to make you rear-end his car. This guy has some anger issues and screws loose.
    The wife Erica is some uneducated person who needs to get the holes out the house and paint mailbox and learn to caring themselves like class. This family is low-end trash!

  • frank says:

    You have answered your own question…..you have never tried retaliating. This is the only language people like this understand.

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