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Them Idiots

I would like to start by saying that I would’ve never chosen to live in a condominium. I would’ve much preferred a very small house or trailer with a modest yard and neighbors at a distance. I grew up in a well maintained, family friendly trailer park in the country (think retirement age and young couples vs the idea many have of trailer parks–no trash here). My mother became terminally ill when I was about 12 years old and her parents purchased a condo in the city for her, allowing her to be much closer to the hospital and all of her doctors. She passed when I was 15, and I lived with my grandparents until age 18, at which time I inherited the condo my mother left behind. When I first moved in, the entire complex was maintained to the highest standards and all of the neighbors would get together once or twice a month to discuss any problems/complaints that anyone had. Things were great. I am in the bottom front unit of my building and aside from the occasionally accidental slamming of the main door in and out of the building, I never heard a peep from anyone and we all got along wonderfully; we would dog sit for one another and alert each other of any upcoming parties (my elderly neighbor behind me once warned me that she would be having a tea party on a Sunday afternoon and expected it to get “slightly out of hand”. Adorable old woman, I miss her dearly). Fast forward to now, 6 years later. I am now a single mom of a 6 month old, and have one excessively well behaved dog. The neighbors are absolute hell. The entire complex is going to shambles, no regular maintenance of any kind, college age kids in every unit, dogs running loose without owner supervision, noise ALL the time. My child can’t sleep at night or take naps during the day, I can’t walk my dog without her getting attacked by loose dogs, it’s ridiculous to say the least. The worst of them has to be the girl in my building that has 3 dogs in one unit. She brings them out to let them do their business and they go RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY PORCH, all day every day. There is absolutely no grass left in front of our building. I don’t feel safe having my daughter outside at all due to the diseases carried in dog urine and feces. I’ve tried to talk to her and it just made the retaliation worse. I want out. I hate this place now and I want out of here!! I’m losing my mind over continuous annoyances in what used to be a peaceful, happy, friendly neighborhood. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

Boris Knott replies-Extremely well written. Must be difficult for you. Content yourself with the knowledge that things will change soon. Meanwhile, watch this site for news about a partnership with a pizza company

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  • Steve says:

    This sounds like my neighborhood on a small scale. College kid destruction. Fleeing neighbors means more houses to rent out… it’s exponential. Definitely feel for you.

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