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Tree Mendously Rude

My family has a summer home built by my great grandparents in the 1930’s. Ten to twelve years ago the house next door was sold and a new person moved in. Words can not describe this person. My father has done everything to try to be a good neighbor. We have had several hurricanes over the last 8 years, and the neighbor thinks it is ok when his tree falls to only cut the portion that is in his yard and leave the rest in our yard. Or worse yet, it the tree that fell is ours he will cut the portion that fell in his yard and toss it back into our yard. He will bring his golf cart over and make ruts in our yard, but he becomes an ass if any person, item or animal crosses over into his yard. My family is at a loss. Any advice would be welcomed!

Boris Knott asks-Any suggestions readers?

2 Responses to Tree Mendously Rude

  • Bear says:

    Try contacting your insurance company and ask them if his home owners insurance if he has any, would cover the costs of cleaning up his tree that fell into your yard . Another way to go is talk to him and if that does not settle the problem , you might seek some legal advice . And a small claims action . Some Universities that teach law , have there students help people with problems , and they are supervised by professors that are lawyers that have passed the bar exam in your state . All for free in most cases.

  • frank says:

    Where I live if your tree falls onto a neighbor’s property, you are only responsible for clearing up to the property line. What lies in your neighbor’s yard is his responsibility. As crazy as this sounds, this is the law where I live.

    However, a few years ago, when tornadoes knocked several of my trees down, into my neighbor’s yard, I called a removal service and had everything removed – to stay on cordial terms. However, I was not obligated to do this, so you may not have any recourse on this.

    As far as tossing the wood back into your yard and making ruts in your yard, and acting like an ass, you are going to have to take a stand. Unfortunately, the nicer you try to be, the worse it will become. I would tell him politely, but in no uncertain terms, that if it continues you are going to beat his ass.

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